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Rewind therapy for birth trauma?

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Fuzzyduck21 Mon 31-Oct-16 08:50:43

Have had cbt for traumatic birth but it didn't help me. Maybe cos my therapist was male and felt he didn't get it? Have been recommended to try rewind therapy but only seen it private at a cost of around £450 for the course. Can't justify that kind of money at the mo particularly as I am now a sahm. Got a doc apt about something else this afternoon and thought about asking if they did it on the NHS? Has anyone had this on nhs? Has anyone had anything other that cbt on nhs for birth trauma?

Agerbilatemycardigan Mon 31-Oct-16 22:39:28

The best thing is to go back to your GP. Most health authorities have mental health services, or can give you information about help you can get locally. My local authority was very good and got me some help fairly quickly with a MH charity. It's free and they only ask for a donation of what you can afford (if anything). It's worth asking. Good luck OP, hope you manage to get some help flowers

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