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Another is this PND thread.

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Equimum Thu 10-Mar-16 20:57:34

Sorry, I realise this has been asked many times, but I would just like an opinion.

Dd2 is six months old. I also have a three year old. I have a history of mental health problems. I have struggled on and off since having DC1, but never felt a need to seek support etc.

DC1 was a very difficult baby who didn't we're, cried a lot and was very clingy. I had Togo back to work when he was eight months old, but by that time, I was really enjoying being a mummy and was very sad that things had to change.

Fast forward to DD2, the early days were great. DD slept well and was very placid/ east. DC1 has continued to be a bit of a handful (lively, funny, intelligent, but never stops talking, very strong-willed, poor listener - described at nursery as 'beautiful and very highly spirited'), but I felt as though everything was going well. In January, however, DD2 stopped sleeping so well. She won't sleep at night unless she is physically on me and wakes up if I move at all. This has escalated into separation anxiety and I can barely put her down, let alone walk across the room. If DH holds her she will scream until she is sick, but become contented as soon as ai take her back.

Over the past couple of weeks I feel like I have hit a wall. I dread getting up in the morning and can't see a way through the day. We are still doing our usual activities but I struggle to engage at home. I am finding DC1 increasingly difficult and feel overwhelmed by everything. Increasingly, I am spending long periods of time looking at my phone and avoiding interacting with the children. I feel as though I don't know where to start with the house work so I'm not getting anything done.

Tonight, DH has to work late. I couldn't face bath time so I put DC1 to bed without a bath (which we do sometimes). I then had to tackle the usual tidy-up/ laundry/dishwasher type jobs. I thought it'd be easier to put DC2 down and rush through these. It suddenly crossed my mind that I could just go upstairs and leave her screaming. The thought of having a nice bath was so appealing that, for a moment, I could have happily left her crying. I didn't do this, and picked her up as soon as I was done, but this isn't how I usually think.

Sorry, I know this is long, but does this sound like normal exhaustion, or could this be PND? TIA

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