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Feeling down

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MrsL2012 Mon 29-Jun-15 08:31:10

Hi...not sure where to start...

Having a very rough time with DS, 9 months. He used to sleep quite well but he's pushed his wake up time back to 4am with several screaming wake ups in between. He's shattered by 5am so I know he's not had enough sleep. So far this morning he's been crying/screaming for about 3 hours because he's so tired but won't go to sleep. Hence me in tears as well. I can't face going out in the car because I'm so tired, ditto with walking as it'll take at least an hours walking to get him to sleep for 30 mins. He's never napped well during the day, we've tried everything - sling, walking, car, even CC but he's a stubborn boy. He'll mainly just scream his little lungs out and have tears pouring down his face.

Food - still on purées. If I dare to give him a lump or mash he'll vomit the contents of his stomach up. HV is saying he should be on a bit more solid food now but he won't do it.

He's had at least 5 dirty nappies a day for 2.5 weeks, most of them runny exploding diarrhoea. He does several wet pumps (sorry!) a day where it must just shoot out. I've taken him to two GPs who've said he's fine. Surely if an adult had that much poo coming out of them they'd be worried? Put this together with vomiting at least once a day and I'm sure there's something wrong.

I feel awful. I can't soothe my baby, I can't feed my baby, i can't even take him to the docs without getting told he's fine and I'm overreacting. I feel like such a failure. I'm angry at him because he won't go to sleep so i feel even worse for being angry with him. I just want to go into a cave for a few weeks.

My DH works long hours and helps as much as he can but I'm depressing him with my constant crying. We have great parents who help out too, it's just when I'm on my own I feel like I can't cope.

Sorry for the essay, I don't know what I'm asking for. Just unloading I guess.

Roseybee10 Mon 29-Jun-15 13:33:56

Sleep issues are the absolute worst! You have my sympathy!

Sleep - have you tried co sleeping when he wakes in morning to get him back over? (My dd was an absolute wick for taking naps during the day and would always end up a screaming over tired mess who then wouldn't sleep at night either). I think the day time nap thing is tied up with night sleep. My dd would always sleep better at night if she napped well during the day.
Is he in his own room now?

Nappy wise it sounds like teeth tbh.

Food - have you tried giving him finger foods? Toast fingers, steamed veg etc? Purées can be easy for them to eat from a spoon but lumpier food can work better as finger food as they know how much they're breaking off in their mouth lump wise so it's easier for them to chew and swallow.

I'm currently sitting beside the swing hiding dd2's hand to get her to go to sleep while dd1 keeps running in and out screeching and waking her up every time she dozes off. Sleep is a bitch!!!

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