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Uterine Infection - won't go away!

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Calentalien Sat 07-Feb-15 14:18:44

Has anybody else suffered from a postnatal uterine infection that didn't go away when treated with antibiotics?

I first came down with the infection 2 weeks after giving birth. I became very unwell and had crippling pains. I didn't have a lot of the typical symptoms, I was no longer bleeding at this point, didn't have any discharge or smell, and no fever. However, a swab taken by my midwife showed an infection. I had already been re-admitted to hospital and put on oral antibiotics, (Co-amoxiclav), when the results came back but was assured that the medication I was on was the right one for the type of infection found. I had a scan and it showed some retained blood and 'a few bits' but was told it was only a small amount.

After being discharged the pain continued and I had started bleeding again, I was examined in a day unit and given a run on course of the same antibiotics and stronger painkillers. Another scan a few days after this showed that, whilst there was still blood and other product in a cavity in my uterus, the volume had gone down from the first scan, so they felt it was passing on its own.

I began to feel better from this point, for a few days, then took a turn for the worse. I went back into delivery suite, had swabs urine and blood taken which all came back clear. A week after that I went to my GP as I felt run down and was having dizzy spells. He gave me more Co-amoxiclav as my abdomen was still tender, presuming it was some residual infection, in spite of the tests taken at the hospital. He took a blood test, which came back yesterday, and showed signs of inflammation indicating an infection.
I have been back on these antibiotics for 4 days now and the pain in my abdomen has increased dramatically, I went from spotting, to no blood, to some possible clots when I urinated this morning.

I am absolutely at my wits end now. I am sick of having to take painkillers so much, and worry that either I have been misdiagnosed or given the wrong medication. I really don't know what to do. I feel like when I see a medical professional, after having been back and forth so often, they are starting to treat me like a hypochondriac but I know my own body and I know there is something not right.

Has anybody else had problems with recurrent infections? Or have any advise on what I should say to my doctor? Sorry for the incredibly long post.

Artistic Fri 13-Feb-15 16:05:15

Not sure if am replying too late to be useful.

I had a catheter during my labour & developed an infection a few days after the birth. A massive dose of co-amaxiclov later I was NOT any better. Went to my GP & refused to continue the old med. Was given Trimethoprim instead. Worked in 24 hours!

With UTI - apparently it takes a bit of trial & error to find the perfect match. Co-amaxiclov is a blanket treatment that treats a huge range of bacteria so its given as it has a greater chance of success. However sometimes it doesn't work -either because there is multiple bacteria at work & one or the other has been left out by co-amaxiclov or that the strength of treatment was not sufficient for the strength of bacteria.

Either way - UTI after childbirth seems to be common, but is sadly under-rated by doctors. Over all the other trauma & bleeding we have to suffer this too?!

Anyways, don't give up. If one med doesn't work there's got to be another which will.

Hope you find the right one.

Artistic Fri 13-Feb-15 16:08:30

Also if one AB is not working I don't see the point of simply continuing with more of the same?! Insist on a change of medication. Trimethoprim is supposed to be a UTI specific medicine while co-amaxiclov is a general AB for various infections.

codandchipstwice Fri 13-Feb-15 16:13:59

I had 9 lots of antibots after dd until they eventually swabbed me and found out I had an odd bacteria and so had co amoxiclav and extra amoxy which finally got rid. Was passing loads of clots but they were infection not leftovers if that makes sense.

Had infection and tons of antibots after ds2 and they never worked, finally went away in its own.

If it picks up take yourself to hospital, they should be able to figure out what the bug is and thus right medication .

Hope you get better soon

Calentalien Tue 17-Feb-15 21:23:06

Thanks for your responses. I feel like this saga is never-ending.

After my initial post I went to an out of hours doctor as the pain got so bad. He phoned the local gynecology unit as he wanted me to be seen at the hospital. The first person he spoke to said I needed to be admitted straight away but then he was put on hold. Somebody else came on the line and told him to check my urine because it definitely wasn't a uterine infection, and I therefore wasn't their problem.
He found blood and leukocytes in my urine so gave me a prescription for Cefalexin for a water infection and told me to follow up with my own GP.

Two days later I saw my GP, who knew there was something more serious going on. She took a swab and it came back showing infection. She prescribed me Cefuroxime, which she said the bacteria would be sensitive to but if I had any pain or discharge to go back.
I started the course of Cefuroxime 3 days ago, the first 2 days I actually felt better but just this evening the pain is back. And it's getting worse. I know I'm going to have to go to a doctor within the next couple of days and I'm just dreading being fobbed off yet again.

My temperature, blood pressure and pulse are fine every time they check, the only real symptom I have is the pain but they can't see that, so they treat me like it's not that bad. Honestly though, it's really unpleasant and very sore, and by this point it is starting to really get me down. I burst into tears in front of one doctor, which then lead to a load of patronising questions about my mental health, as though it's all in my mind. Clearly, signs of infection in my blood and on swabs prove it isn't. I'm just sick and tired of not feeling well and it's affecting my day to day life in a big way.

I really feel like I'm going to have to kick up a real stink with the next doctor I see but don't know if I have the nerve!

natalino8219 Tue 05-Apr-16 08:51:30

Did you manage to sort infection? I'm suffering now and it will not go away. 3rd lot of antibiotics and it's still here.

Newmamatobe Thu 14-Apr-16 01:24:14

Same here - I was blue lighted by ambulance 6 days after giving birth, had an insane seizure like fit with my temp sky high and my body going into emergency cool mode...

Had two more in the 9 weeks since DD arrived.

They found it was resistant to penicillin - I would suggest asking for an AB for that, to try it OP.

I really feel your pain as these UTIs are horrendous, they affect everything and are actually quite serious if left untreated... Also the painkillers then mask the symptoms and it can become a vicious cycle..

I'm seeing a specialist in Urology next week as a result of my struggles with them sad

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