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dad's groups around Manchester

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sydhan Fri 29-Jul-05 10:15:53

Is anyone aware of a Dad's group (or a group with several Dads) in the Manchester area? DD is nearly eight months old.

mancmum Fri 29-Jul-05 10:20:02

my DH has been a SAHD for 6 years and i can honestly say he has only ever met a couple of dads on the circuit... would be very interested to know if you get any responses to this one...

Where in manchester are you?

sydhan Fri 29-Jul-05 13:53:35

Burnage. We've tried a few playgroups. I'm about to go back to work and we could really do with some support stuff for him. Any tips? Is your DH still going to groups?

tarantula Fri 29-Jul-05 13:57:42

there is an online group for SAHDs if thats on any help. they may have meetups in Manchester. Ill see if I can find it for you.

tarantula Fri 29-Jul-05 14:00:23

Here you go homedad

sydhan Fri 29-Jul-05 14:02:53

Thanks very much

mancmum Fri 29-Jul-05 14:14:58

He does but they are now closed for the summer...we are not far from you -- there are some good groups in the Church Hall at Withington on Monday and Tuesday mornings that he goes to -- also some at the local primary schools -- will ask him what else he does...

Fennel Fri 29-Jul-05 15:02:24

my dp used to go to one in Didsbury which had 5 dads - i think once some dads go then others slowly emerge.
he also used to go to one in Northenden which had 3-4 dads.
specific things like swimming classes and gymtots can be easier for the dads to get to know people at. Dp used to make friends at Withington pool baby session (I'm not sure if they still do it on Weds lunchtimes)

i think really he has to get used to talking to the mothers and not feeling too paranoid about it. (after all many mothers are shy of talking to people at playgroups too).

katierocket Fri 29-Jul-05 15:04:03

there is a council run class called Mini Movers held in heaton moor where a couple of dads go.

mancmum Fri 29-Jul-05 15:16:49

Fennel -- do you know which play group in Didsbury had the Dad;s at it -- am sure he would go out of his way to get to it as all the one's he has been to have an occaisional Dad at them... and he really does struggle to talk to the mums!

sydhan Fri 29-Jul-05 16:51:40

This is really helpful, thanks. Mancmum - appreciate any more info. when you've asked him. Withington sounds good.

Fennel Fri 29-Jul-05 17:44:44

Mancmum, it was the Ivy Cottage one (that's a church on Barlow Moor Road). But this was a couple of years ago, the group will be different now.

ditto the Northenden one, it had several men last winter but by the time it restarts in September it'll be different parents as the 3 year olds go on to school.

Sydhan maybe you'd better reask this in Sept and see what people say then.

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