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April 2008 - The one with Mother's Day....

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ThePFJ Sat 13-Mar-10 11:28:59

07 March: Ashton, a fourth child for gemprincess, 5lb 13oz @ 34+6
09 March: Ted, a second DS for Daftmoo, 7lb 14oz @ 36+0
21 March: George William, a first baby for KnitterintheNW, 7lb 2.5oz @ 37+3
25 March: Olivia, a second baby for TheMaskedPoster, 7lb 2oz @ 38+4
28 March: Pablo, a third baby and first DS for vacaloca, 7lb 14oz @ 39+4
28 March: Matteo Alexander, a first baby for Gangle @ 38+0 (?)
30 March: A baby girl, a second child for PortAndLemon, 8lb 15oz @ 39+5
02 April: Jak, a baby boy for rainbowdays, 9lb @ 39+1
02 April: A baby boy, a second child for bunyanvillas, 6lb 14oz @ 37+5
02April: Struan, a baby boy for Donnabels, 6lbs 15oz
02 April: A baby boy for mummyofaprincess @39 weeks
03 April: A baby girl for PippiCalzelunghe @38+2weeks
03 April: Aeryn Daisy, a baby girl for Denny185, 9lb 8oz @ 39+3
03 April: Benjamin, a baby boy for Micegg, 8lb 3oz @ 39+4
03 April: Roelof Grové, a first DS for SalLikesCoffee, 7lb 5oz @ 38+5
03 April: A baby boy for siikibam, 6lb 8.5oz @39+1wks
04 April: Matilda, a baby girl for AprilsFoolsBaby 7lb @
05 April: Ellis, a baby girl for MadameOvary, 9lb 12oz @ 40+6
06 April: Henry Peter, a baby boy for Sheds, 7lb 130z @ 40+4
07 April: Sebastian George, a fourth DS for Peachy, 8lb 4oz @ 41+1
07 April: Jack, a first baby for ThePFJ, 7lb 5.5oz @ 41+1
07 April: Lexie Bea, a fourth baby for babywhiting, 8lb 1oz @ 39+4
08 April: Alasdair, a second DS for bunnyrabbit, 8lb 5.5oz @ 40+3
08 April: James Samuel, a third baby for honeybee10, 6lb 7oz @ 37+2
09 April: Zara Mia Martin, a first baby for V1KK1M, 7lb 10oz @ 41+0
09 April: Jasmine, a baby gilr for Niceychops
11 April: Kyran for rdk, 7lb 13oz @ 38+3weeks
11 April: Sebastian James, a second baby for Fleecy, 10lb 2oz @ 40+4
11 April: A baby girl, a first baby for CeylonSapphire, 7lb 12oz @ 41+1
11th April: Florence, a baby girl for LouMoose
12 April: Maya Alice, a first baby for egyptianprincess, 8lb 15.5oz @ 40+3
12 April: Sophia Viviana, a second DD for AussieDivaonaBreak, 6lb 12oz @ 39+3
15 April: Alexander Oliver, a third baby for VictorianSqualor, 10lb 3oz @ 41+0
16 April: Ailish, a first baby for Mollyfloss, 6lb 11oz @ 40+3
16 April: A baby girl, a second baby for elfsmummy, 7lb 13oz @ 41+1
16 April: Zoe, a baby girl, a first baby for ToastAddict, 6lb 10oz @ 39+3
16 April: Jasmin, a baby girl, a first baby for Eggandketchup, 9lb 3oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy for paranoidmumy, 8lb 9oz @ 41+4
17 April: A baby boy, a second son for lorisparkle, 7lb 12.5oz @ 41+6
17 April: Benedict, first baby for LadyBee 9 lb 3oz @ 41 +2
18 April: Millie Grace Jessamy, a baby girl for scorpio1 8lb 9oz @ 41
18 April: Cameron, a second baby for munchkinmum @ 39+5
19 April: Oliver Michael, first baby for bashboid, 7 lb 4 oz at 41 +3
20 April: Samuel, a first baby for Velbels. 8lb15oz at 41+1weeks.
20 April: Angharad Mai, 8lb 4oz, 40+6, first for 7monthsplus
20 April: Emilia, 7lb15oz, a first baby for SuzeM, 40+6
20 April: A baby girl for SushiMama
21 April: Eve, a second baby for OMaLittle, 8lb 4oz @ 39+3
21 April: A second DD for Monmoo
22 April: Sam, a second son for Soph73 @ 40+0
22 April: Molly, a first baby for EllieG, 8lb 8oz? @ 40+5
22 April: Daisy, second baby for AttilaTheHan @ 40 +3
22 April: Zoe Olivia, second daughter for Piccallilli2 7lb 1oz @42+1
22 April: A second DD for blinks.
23 April: Jessica Elizabeth, first baby for BabyBratt @ 40+1 7lb 12oz.
24 April: A baby girl, a second daughter for christmaspixie, 9lb 2oz @ 40+6/41+5
24 April: Miya Jade, baby girl for ShelleySare at 39+4
25 April: Amelie, a first baby for Dondons, 9lb, 41+3 (i think!)
25 April: Aisha, a second baby for Jaq39 7lb 14oz @ 41+4
26 April: Hope Olivia, a second dd for northeastmummy, 7lb 11oz at 41 .
26 April: Gabriel, a third child for Bainmarie @ 41+5
26 April: Eli Michael, a baby boy for LittleMissTurquoise, 7lb 15.5oz @ 40+5
27 April: a baby girl for Ayomi, 6lb 1oz @ 41+0
28 April: Jacob Andrew, a 2nd DS for Kaybeeand2boys, 8lb 4oz @ 41+5
29 April: Thomas Henry, a 2nd DS for TLSM, 7lb 8oz 40+3
30 April: Harry Samuel, a fourth ds for Chipmonkey, 9lb 5oz @ 39+2
30 April: Ellie, a baby girl for Annamama
30 April: A second DD for luckymummy74
01 May: Sophie May, a baby grl for Annieroo, 6lb 5oz @ 41+4
01 May: Euan George, a baby boy for Jenniejennie, 8lb @ 40+4
02 May: Robyn Olivia, a baby girl for soph28, 8lb 1oz @ 42+1
05 May: Nora Martina, a first baby for Eva07, 7lb 8oz @ 41+2
05 May: A baby boy for Beeper, 8lb 10oz @ 41+0
05 May: Gabriella Summer, a first baby for MommyHasAHeadache, 8lb 4oz @ 40+6
06 May: Wilf, 8lb 60z for bigbadmom @ 41+6
07 May: James Andrew, a second ds for Moominsmummy, 8lb 13oz @ 41+5
08 May: Ellie Isabella, a first baby for Carey87, 7 lb 8oz @ 42+1
08 May: Robin David, a 2nd baby for Woollymummy, 8lb 11 oz @ 41+3
09 May: 4 kittens for scorpio's cat!
10 May: Astrid Mary, a second dd for TheShipsCat, 8lb 8oz @ 42+0

I have been hanging about for a few days waiting for the new thread, so I thought I'd get off my ass and make one myself. Happy weekend all, and Happy Mother's Day!


EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 11:02:01

Yey for George! I was thinking about him the other day, he's one of the first isn't he?

It's all going so fast....

Why do you hurt knitter - is it your painful sounding draining of abcesses?

Molly did a wee in the potty last night. I was ridiculously proud, and then she wee'd all over the floor, so that served me right. I can't be bothered to do potty training properly now anyway, am just leaving it out sometimes for her to have a go.

Nice bedroom scheme sal - I am doing mine this weekend (maybe - it's been planned for several weekends) in a sort of very pale apple white is called, so just a hint of green. All my clothes are still in cardboard boxes as I need cabinets but have no money after the house purchase to buy them yet! Oops.

I am coming over to London in May with Molly for a few days so if anyone is around then might be nice to meet at the park or something?

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:03:03

Knitter, we can gang up on them, no getting out!

Ouch for you. Can you take something less strong to just take the edge off today?

Oh, and what are you doing for George's birthday? Anything exciting?

KnitterInTheNW Wed 17-Mar-10 11:11:05

Right, May it is then!!!! Do you know what days you'll be there, yet?

I've taken co-codamol but it doesn't stop the stinging. I have to go every day to have it re-packed (ugh, it's gross) and it's been more stingy since I had it done yesterday afternoon.

We're having lunch out, just at Ask pizza, with all grandparents & aunties, then back to ours for birthday cake. I couldn't decide what cake to make, so I asked G what he'd like. Have asked him several times now and the answer is always the same - 'Ham cake'. Mmm, yummy. So actually I've just got a load of sprinkles, sweets etc and he can decorate the cake himself on Sunday morning. He'll enjoy that!

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:21:32

Ooh yes, would love to catch up when you're here, Ellie. Mondays and Tuesdays best with me, but not too fussed, so I'll fit around you guys. Uhm, girls, I mean.

Knitter, birthday sounds lovely. Hahaha at Ham Cake though. Maybe he just wants a sandwich and Evil Mummy is forcing the poor child to consume refined sugar... wink

I was terribly disappointed when, on R's first birthday, I geared myself up in advance, deciding that I'd give him a bite of chocolate cake as it's his birthday after all (he wasn't allowed sugar before then - hmm, except when he stole a choc chip cookie, but maybe that was after?? mind's gone). Anyway, I offered the cake. No. Way. At. All. He was only happy when he got a piece of apple! grin Those days are sadly long gone now. Bad mummy.

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 11:25:54

Wow, way to go, Mollie!!! I have a little giggle when I hear of all the puddles those first couple of days/weeks. It's like training a puppy! grin

With R's tummy thing of the other day I haven't actually started yet, but have potties scattered all over too. I'm an interior decorator's worst nightmare...

Oh, and Ellie, your bedroom sounds lovely and peaceful. If I was nearer, I'd come and help you paint. I just love painting walls. Really relaxes me. It's probably all those fumes, mind you.

KnitterInTheNW Wed 17-Mar-10 11:40:12

Would a weekend meet up be better? If You're in London over a weekend anyway... Probably more people would be able to make it, lots are at work.

EllieG Wed 17-Mar-10 11:43:09

I am over 20th to 23rd of May, which is thurs to sunday. Not sure what my sis has planned so will have to check with her as I think she has it planned out like a military operation! She may change her mind once she realises the babe won't comply!

M is very definite about what she likes now - if she doesn't like something it will be 'NO Mummy 'way!' (away) which is a little bit rude I think but makes me laugh so I am holding off on instigating better manners until it becomes less cute wink

Loving the 'ham cake' - what about cake in the shape of a pig? Fulfils the criteria and also is valuable lesson about the food chain.

God, must go do some work or will get sacked.

KnitterInTheNW Wed 17-Mar-10 11:46:32

I'll be working on the 20th and 21st, but free over the weekend...

I had been thinking about making ham/pig shaped cake, but to be honest I can't really be bothered so he can decorate his own cake and I'll go all out next year!

SuperSoph73 Wed 17-Mar-10 11:54:23

Morning all! Hey Ellie great to see you My migraine's gone now thank goodness. Have a "headache" of a different sort now though .... was back at the docs again with Sam this morning because of the vomiting. Am now waiting for a hospital appointment so they can check his digestive system to make sure there isn't anything nasty lurking in there! Hey ho, what joy.

Oo, oo, oo, had a brilliant thought last night. When we're in the UK we always have an open house day with BBQ, etc so that anyone who wants to see us & the boys can (also means we don't have to traipse round loads of houses ... lazy arse emoticon!) So I was thinking if any of you are in or around Horsham while we're there you could pop in. There are direct trains from London if anyone's interested <<bats eyelids, proffers choccie>>

And Sal - went to Lidl's last week and it was just as I feared. Tat, tat & more tat. None of the nice things you were talking about - I knew it was too good to be true angry

SuperSoph73 Wed 17-Mar-10 16:40:00

Am really Thought Sam was doing well today as hadn't heard anything from nursery. Got a call about half an hour ago to say he's been vomiting since having his lunch. How on earth is his chest, etc going to clear if he can't keep anything down, which means the antibiotics aren't staying down? I'm at a complete loss now as to what to do. Am going to stay at home with him tomorrow to see if we can persuade his tummy to keep something in. Buggerations

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 19:48:24

sad Soph. Poor little mite. Have nothing but sympathies to add. Hope things improve soon for Sam.

Oh, and what a disgrace re Lidl. Caramel wafers is the only thing that justifies their existence. :D

Ellie, Knitter, I'm good for weekend, so let's wait and see if Ellie's sis will share her with us.

And Soph, get you with your Open House. grin Sounds lovely, I'll try to come over, would love to meet you irl.

LadyBee Wed 17-Mar-10 21:00:47

evening - Sal thanks so much for all the info, sorry no reply yet I'm suffering quite badly from nausea and tiredness in the evenings so am retreating to bed fairly early these days.

Poor Sam...must be very worrying Soph, I hope whatever it is eases soon.

I can do a May meet-up, would be best on a weekend for me if possible but actually would be happy to take time off if I need to. And I promise not to run away early this time grin

Soph I normally do an open house when I go back to NZ, it's the only sensible way! Now are you sure you really want all us rabble to turn up to to it though?

mmmm....ham cake. grin

Hi Ellie! Well done Molly for potty wee smile. B completely refuses to even sit on his potty. I think I'm just going to put it away. I think he might accept sitting on a childseat on the toilet if I got one. Can't be arsed though. Plenty of time.

MisSalLaneous Wed 17-Mar-10 21:11:43

My pleasure, Ladybee. Don't worry, I need half an excuse to start rambling on, so quite enjoy this opportunity. You'd now need to change your e-mail address to get rid of me...

Re meetup - well, if R is as busy this time as last, I might need to run away early this time! All the other children were so well behaved, but my little monster? Oh no no no. That'll be too easy on Mummy, you see.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 12:30:05

I'm so tired. I am finding it hard today. I want someone to share life with, love, just share with. No ones ever gonna like me or settle down with me. I'm stuck in every night. I miss cuddles and kisses and sex; but I only want those in a relationship and no one will want one with me - or they will and will just dump me again because I'm not enough. I'm never gonna be right for someone, 4 of someone elses kids.

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 12:56:25

Nonsense. You are lovely.

Do something nice. Hug your dad, kiss your babies, paint your toes red.

Tomorrow will be better. xxx

I was thinking of you earlier, btw, not sure why.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 13:15:12

My Dad has gone away and my mums busy sorting him out to go iyswim

I do kinda know this is because I'm tired. The baby cuddles aren't helping today. And I have to see him today as it's his day to see them - just when I would welcome the distractions of tea and bathing them - it will be quiet instead.

I feel like crying and sleeping. I feel so shit about myself, ugly, worthless to men, like that was all I'm going to get in my lifetime.

MyMamaToldMe Thu 18-Mar-10 14:13:44

Grr - I just posted a LONG message and it disappeared! Don't have time now to rethink and rewrite everything, but thought I would just say hi to you all - sorry I haven't been on for so long! Will try catch up again sooon!

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 14:28:34

Hello mmtm! Great to have you back!

Scorps, am sorry today sucks so much. Knowing tiredness makes it worse is good in one sense, as it will pass. I could never sleep in the day, but any chance you could have a long bath as soon as kids gone, a cry if you feel like it, then get in bed under duvet for a nap? It might help a tiny bit? I wanted to suggest going to a friend's, but if you're so tired, this might be nicer.

Scorps Thu 18-Mar-10 14:53:35

Lacey is still here later, she won't take a bottle at all so I can have a break.

MisSalLaneous Thu 18-Mar-10 15:07:56

Well, I can't make it better, but know I'm thinking of you. And try not to say to yourself that you're ugly and worthless. First, because it's not true, and secondly, because it won't make you feel better. Instead, say "I'm down, but I know I'm beautiful and kind and intelligent, and I appreciate myself for that". You don't have to believe it, just keep saying it to yourself. Write it on a card and read it if needs be. It'll stick eventually. Don't say the negative things, even if you think it.

LadyBee Fri 19-Mar-10 22:37:31

Hi Scorps, hope you had a better day today.

Poor me, I'm feeling all 'glandy', sore throatish. I'd really like not to get another cold. I'm going to try to spend this weekend being really lazy and not worrying whether Babybee ends up watching lots of tv. If I can't persuade DH to take him out, he'll just get an overdose of Peppa Pig. grin

MisSalLaneous Fri 19-Mar-10 23:05:58

Poor you indeed. Maybe weekend in bed will nip this in the bud. Weather is going to be rubbish anyway, so Babybee might as well veg out for once, one day won't do him any harm. I do same with R when I'm ill, and to be honest, sometimes its good for him too to just do nothing for a bit.

On other news, I've seen a part-time role advertised that would fit in perfectly with R's increased nursery days, so I've applied and I've got an interview on Monday. I'm ridiculously nervous. Will spend the weekend reading up on tax and accounting laws in preparation... It's a 3 day role, so ideal.

chipmonkey Fri 19-Mar-10 23:53:03

Scorps, my darling, if you are ugly and worthless, the rest of us might as well just go out and shoot ourselves right now!
You will meet somebody but you aren't ready yet and you have loads of time. The bottle-refusing is a pain, isn't it. Ds3 wouldn't take a bottle at all and it nearly did my head in. Mind you, when he was left alone with my Mum for the day, he suddenly decided bottles weren't so bad and drank four of them, would your Mum have the patience to try that?

Diarrhoea Is Awful Really Runny Hurry Or Else Accident
should help with the spelling!grin

PFJ ttc next month sounds good! Will there be a new wave of little brothers or sisters in 9 months, looks like it!grin

Soph, hope poor Sam gets better soon. I hate that, when you're trying to get medicine into them and they keep throwing it back up again!

Where's Peachy. Off fighting with daftpunk again?grin

Booked a holiday! We weren't sure about dh's job so held off this year but have decided on Centerparcs in Whinfell Forest. Will be getting the ferry to Liverpool and driving there. Made the mistake of telling ds3 who can't get his head around 105 sleeps before we go on the blue boat!

Denny185 Sun 21-Mar-10 19:41:59

Thanks chipmonkey, will try and remember that next time I need to spell diarrhoea.

Hope your feeling better now scorps.


DD2 was bathed and put to bed at 5.30 tonight, she has been a real miserable shite all afternoon. I have a bruise over my eye where she got herself in a paddy and decided to whack me over the head with a toy broom, thankfully it was me sitting on the floor and not one of the other DC.

Need to check with DH but think I should be able to come down on that Sat in May.

MisSalLaneous Sun 21-Mar-10 20:24:38

Ooh Denny, would be great to meet you eventually! Fingers crossed.

Happy birthday, George!

I'm so nervous about tomorrow's interview. Not helped by the fact that I've eaten too many chocolates and my suits doesn't fit properly. blush

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