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please talk me into reusable nappies

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salbysea Wed 04-Nov-09 23:28:47

my DS is now 6 months old and poos about once a day. Am feeling guilty about the environmental impact of all the nappies he's used in his little life

talk me through the re-usable process, what happens with a pooey nappy?

which brand should I buy? do you need inserts for all brands?

please talk to me about the washing process. What chemicals do you use and what temp do you wash at? do you think the washing of the re-usables has increased your water/energy usage much?

How often do you wash a load? do you think its worth it if you're only using, say, one or two reusables a day (combining with disposables) - I mean do you have to do lots of small loads of washing to avoid bad smells?

thanks smile

sunnydelight Thu 05-Nov-09 06:40:09

I used motherease with DD and they were great. In tems of what happens, you use (biodegradable) liners and just flush the whole thing down the loo then pop the nappy into a bucket of water/napisan. I put a little tea tree oil in the bucket too.

I can't remember how often I washed tbh (DD now 6!), just that it was never a big deal. When I was out and about I had a "wet bag" and just popped the wet nappy in that to take home, I certainly never remember things being horribly smelly - it was just as easy as changing a disposable.

Try and get some secondhand (and you'll need a few over wraps as well) and see how you go. When DD got bigger we eventually had to use a disposable at night, but we managed with just reusables for a long time and sold them for a good price afterwards - it definitely saved us a fortune even allowing for the initial outlay.

KirstyJC Thu 05-Nov-09 07:06:03

Hi Salbysea - I have used reusuables on DS2 since he was 5 months (12mo next week). Go for it!

Do you have a nappy advisor locally? I borrowed a complete kit (ie had everything including liners and a bin) for a month for FREE - check our your local council, they might well offer a scheme. This was great for me as there are SO many different nappies out there, and they can be very different and not all will suit all babies. Trying a kit with different types means you get to see which ones suit your LO without having to pay!!

I would recommend that you post in the nappies section in products - loads of the ladies there are nappy advisors and if you live near one of them they would probably meet you and talk you through the options. (Watch out though, they are addictive - I used to spend money on shoes, now it's nappies....colour co-ordinated with his t-shirts, with embroidery......grin)

As far as washing goes, I wash them every 3 days which is a full load (he's in them full-time). I wash at 40 although every now and again I do it at 60 because I have a vague feeling I ought to hmm God knows why though 'cos they're fine at 40! And don't worry about the poo, it's no worse that disposables!

Check out the second hand nappy wensites and don't buy loads of the same ones until you are sure you love them!

salbysea Thu 05-Nov-09 10:31:08

thanks :-) I AM convinced to try re-usables in general but just dont know where to start

my local council offers a £30 off new re-usables based on a min spend of £45

should I go through ebay? I am an ebay almost virgin and it makes me a little nervous!

I just need to get started but cant seem to take the plunge

KirstyJC Thu 05-Nov-09 20:24:22

Hi! There is a 'used nappy' website which I use, prob can't name it on here nut suggest you pop the 'used nappy' into google...

Also the Mumsnet reusable nappies for sale can have some real bargains!

However, BEFORE you get stuck in I really would definitely ask for advice on the nappy section on Mumsnet though - lots of the ladies are advisors and most offer trial kits you can hire - you could still get the money-off voucher too once you have decided what you like and what suits your LO.

Good luck and enjoy the fluff!grin

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