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September 2007 - our toddlers are turning two soon!

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Fruitysunshine Thu 27-Aug-09 13:11:35

I can't fathom where the time has flown! DD will be 2 on Sept 12th and she is now a fully fledged, walking, talking/babbling, opinionated little person!

We're going to have a bbq for family and friends and have a small bouncy castle for all the wee ones to jump around on and have fun!

For the first time I am going to try and bake a birthday cake! It is quite hilarious really if you knew my baking skill!

Have you got any plans for your little one's second birthday?

Fruitysunshine Mon 07-Sep-09 20:55:40

Bump! Anyone else's toddler turning two this month?

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