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April 2009 - Chapter 2 - Would You Like Boob Cheese With That???

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NuttyTaff Wed 03-Jun-09 19:11:26

Message withdrawn

AuldAlliance Wed 03-Jun-09 19:26:18

just checking in

I really hope this is a growth spurt; if not, my baby is turning into a monster.

Juwesm Wed 03-Jun-09 19:33:19

<<cocks leg>>

PuzzleRocks Wed 03-Jun-09 19:53:02

Ta Nuts.

Ooh The Apprentice starts at 8pm tonight. Laters ladies.

BoffinMum Wed 03-Jun-09 20:00:48

Juwes, is he growing out of his clothes? That's how I do it.

BabyBolat Wed 03-Jun-09 20:01:37

Hello just checking in! Now for the apprentice!

Swaliswan Wed 03-Jun-09 20:07:57

Evening All

BoffinMum Wed 03-Jun-09 20:08:00

You sad woman, BB.

WhatFreshHellIsThis Wed 03-Jun-09 20:28:29

Marking place in thread for later grin

Juwesm Wed 03-Jun-09 20:29:32

Boff - only lengthways. He still fits most of his newborn sleepsuits, though some of the Mothercare ones are a little tight in the feet. Other than that, all of his 0-3 stuff is fine in length but massive widthways. He also has very obvious ribs and bony spine sad A little bit of chub on his legs, but that's it.

I want a chubby baby! Stomp!

Schulte Wed 03-Jun-09 20:39:31

Oh you've moved already! Thought we might finish the old thread off?

Saw a Hooter Hider yesterday, at the surgery! The lady who owned it used it as a kind of curtain for her pushchair so the baby was in the dark. Not sure if she uses it for its intended purpose too Hideous design it was, too.

Bleu hellooooo! Glad bfing is getting a bit better if still difficult. At least you get some decent sleep.

Juw sorry to hear about Hugo - hope GP can help. xxx

Well, I can't believe it but both girls are sound asleep in their beds... better catch some sleep myself now! Nighty night.

Juwesm Wed 03-Jun-09 20:41:35

If anyone is feeling crafty, there are some nice, printable [ black and white shapes]] here, of the type that babies are supposed love. You can make them into a mobile, but I have just printed out some of the circular ones and pinned them on the underside of the shelf above our changing table, and wee H seems to rather enjoy gazing at them!

LuLuBai Wed 03-Jun-09 20:46:07


Hooter hider - ha ha ha. We went for lunch at some friends' the other day. They have a baby a little older than ours. I was provided with a hooter hider almost the minute I walked in the door. From that I gleaned that it would Not Be OK to wap my baps out over the lunch table. Ha ha ha.

Juw - sympathies. I don't know what to suggest. Although if he is generally sleeping and eating and peeping and pooping then that is all good.

I met a woman last week whose 4 month old was only a shade bigger than Sebastian - the doctors can't work out why she isn't gaining weight but in every other respect she is developing perfectly - bright eyed, responsive, reaching out for toys offered to her etc.

LuLuBai Wed 03-Jun-09 20:49:15

oh Schulte - both asleep. Respect. DD is still bouncing around. Sebastian has just nodded off on the boob as I type.

Going to haul them all up to bed now.

Night night.

Juwesm Wed 03-Jun-09 20:51:20

Lulu - thanks. Yes to sleeping/ peeing/ pooing and I think yes to eating. Appears to eat all day, but perhaps he is not moving as much milk as I think.

shock at Hooter Hider provision at someone's house! That is a touch hmm

BoffinMum Wed 03-Jun-09 20:57:19

Oh dear, so tired. DH ill with virus, DS1 and DS2 pleasant but lively, bouncy and full of ideas, and DS3 crying a lot - overtired, I think. Please someone magic me a fairy godmother of some description.

SpringySponge Wed 03-Jun-09 23:52:22

Hey ladies! I'm still alive. Haven't caught up yet & haven't got time to now. Things are a bit mad & all that, but I'm okay & I hope everyone else is too.

Will be back soon, I promise. Love to you all xxx

PuzzleRocks Thu 04-Jun-09 07:26:13

Holy cow! Squeaky Mouse had a last feed at 11.30pm and then slept through until just after 6am. OMG, Ellen was 20 months before she slept that long.
And I had sex.
And I have lost two pounds. (still 26 to go but hey ho)

Good morning ladies. grin

BB - Yasmina or Kate? Who do you want to win and who do you think will win?

LuLuBai Thu 04-Jun-09 08:45:51

Wooooohooo for Puzzle!

I lost 3 pounds last week and by bizarre coincidence put back on exactly 3 pounds over the weekend. Something to do with lots of cake at a wedding on Saturday and lots more cake at a Christening on Sunday. Sigh.

Boff hope you got some kip in the end? Or that a fairy godmother appeared in a blaze of sparkles to magically make everyone and everything better.

LuLuBai Thu 04-Jun-09 08:50:32

Juw - if H is peeing and pooping he must be eating something. He can't make poo out of thin air.

Hope it starts to show on the scales soon.


AuldAlliance Thu 04-Jun-09 09:02:08

Hi Bleu!!! I am so impressed you are still BF.

Boff, afraid I can't help with fairy godmother. Have sent your parcel, but that's not much help.

I have 4.5kg to lose. They are sticking hard. <<glances guiltily at mid-morningsnack of brown bread...and Nutella>>

mrsgboring Thu 04-Jun-09 09:24:35

Juw, sending you vast amounts of cake.

Right, sling questions. I would love to help you with this if I can. When you say you need to half untie the wrap to get H out for a feed, is that because you can't get him in and out without untying, or because you can't adjust your clothing otherwise?

What kind of tie(s) do you use?

Do you know about UK BabywearingSWAP Yahoo group? You can buy and sell secondhand on there, and there's plenty of traffic, so lots of choice. If you don't get on with a sling you can sell it on and lose nothing really but postage costs.

If it's access for breastfeeding that's the problem, have you considered a mei tai? I am really loving mine at the moment (despite being a wrap girl at heart), as it's cool and I have my whole front free for feeding when I get E out (i.e. don't have to fiddle my clothes up through the wrap fabric) You should be able to pick up a secondhand mei tai for about twenty quid so cheaper to try than a new wrap.

Hugs to you over Hugo's weight gain. As you know I went through it with DS1. Mine was considered to be low supply (I am not convinced it was though) I can tell you all the different things I was advised to try, if you think it would help. But you probably know them all already, and since H sleeps so well I can't imagine it's that.

mrsgboring Thu 04-Jun-09 09:29:41

Boff, when my fairy godmother shows up, I'll send her round to yours.

Puzzle, well done on the weight loss though if you lose any more I will have to kill you. I am going to end up the last heifer standing on this thread.

Auld, Nutella is healthy slow release energy and not fattening at all. It says so on the advert, doncha know? <<hides massive half eaten jar of Tescos own stripey chocolate spread>>

bronze Thu 04-Jun-09 09:45:45

Just caught up and now cant remember anything I want to post.
Mrsg you wont be the last I wore my jeans throughout my pregnancy only havign to use a waist extender for the last month. These same jeans that I could get on after giving birth are now very type round my bum and thighs. I'm going to have to give up on my packet of biscuits a day. Bit annoyed as I'm eating healthily otherwise and I thought the biscuits might be the extra calories I need sad

Boff- If I had a fairy Godmother I would send her

Juw - I've found theres variations on how to tie whats pretty much the same hold between in the instructions of differnt make wraps . The calin bleu way of doing means I have to faff with the wrap while holding Isaac whereas the moby way means you can tie it and then take them in and out easily so even though I'm now using a calin bleu I'm not tieing it as to their instructions. Also the gauze is harder to tie to start with. Have to admit I'm glad I started with a stretchy one as I got practice in first. Just the bleus nice for this hot weather. Oh and I got the large as it gives me more flexibility as I'm tall so there wasn't much excess sling after I had tied

gingersarah Thu 04-Jun-09 10:11:56

Morning all

v.v.v. tired and v.v.v. envy of babies sleeping long periods at night.

Still, the sun is out and I am kidding on that V's skin is clearing up, so not all bad.

Bronze - sorry I should know this, but where are your folks from?

Sling / wrap people (Mrs G / Bronze) - I have a sling that goes over one shoulder which DP loves but I am a wimp and think I would prefer something that puts the weight over both shoulders. Is a wrap the best thing for this? I must look at that yahoo site - I looked at calin bleu and the prices put me off given that I don't know what I am doing. Is it true that the baby's knees must be higher than its bottom? Or something?

Mrs G, I am like well fatty, so fear not. I can't stop eating, it is the only thing left to keep me going while I am not allowed sleep or coffee. I am eating things I have never eaten in my life before!

OK here is a lovely poo question for you all. V sometimes goes a day or more without pooing and this makes her cross and visibly uncomfortable while she emits delicate angel farts. When poo zero hour arrives she creates a lake, unholdable by any nappy created by god or man, and afterwards her temper is sunny and radiant. The poo itself looks fine and normal, though copious, and people keep telling me that breastfed babies are never constipated; but I am wondering if there is something I can do to help her poo littler and oftener, mainly because it would make her more comfortable, but also because when she does perform, it is a major logistical operation to deal with it and would be a health hazard in, say, a supermarket.

Does anyone know anything about this? Maybe I should start a thread on the bf board... or is there a poo board?


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