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What do you do all day??

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Navynoire Mon 17-Aug-20 11:01:09

First time mum. Husband is out at work all day.

I'm just wondering what you spend the day doing?
Do you have routine? Do you have plans to
go out every day?

I'm struggling with how to spend our time.

Suggestions please. 7month old baby.

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Daftodil Mon 17-Aug-20 21:48:12

Hello! Unfortunately you had your baby at a very strange time to become a mum! With my first, I went to a different baby group every day and met lots of other mums then arranged playdates with them after the classes finished.

My second was born during lockdown and it has been a far more lonely experience. Most days we go for a walk in the morning (need to run the 3yo out!) then do tummy time & a few songs in the afternoon or go to visit my parents. I'm hoping that we'll have a bit more variety soon as a lot of the baby groups are starting up again in September.

There's an app called Hoop which will let you know of any baby groups in your area.

Most places also have "Town X mums" groups on Facebook which usually gives recommendations/ideas.

I found the local children's centre (think some are now called family centres) a real lifeline. They had baby sensory classes, baby massage, stay-and-play sessions, rhyme time etc and were much cheaper than a lot of the private classes. Hoping my local ones reopen soon 🤞.

What I will say is once you start attending classes be bold about talking to people and swapping numbers/starting a WhatsApp group so you can make playdates/coffee dates outside of baby classes or need advice at 3am when DC is having a bad sleep and you need some solidarity!

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