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mini-pill (cerazette specifically) and depression/anxiety side-effects - a warning! Please read..

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RedFraggle Sat 29-Sep-07 16:44:42

After my horrendous experience with a mini-pill I felt I had to post this here as well as on the feeling depressed board.

I had my DS three months ago and after initial baby blues was starting to feel better. Went for my 8 week postnatal check and was prescribed Cerazette (the mini-pill) as I am breastfeeding. After about a week I started to feel really miserable and paranoid, gradually got worse until I could no longer face taking my kids out for the day as I just didn't feel I could cope.
Carried on getting worse to the point I was suicidal and kept thinking about harming myself or my baby. Spent a lot of time sitting with him and my DD throwing tearful wobblers and me sitting on the floor crying too!
Asked my HV for help and she got me a Doctors appointment - my HADS score was extremely high and I was put on anti-depressants, they started to kick in (although the side-effects were horrid) and I felt a bit more normal and so popped on to here for a look about. i hadn't felt up to even doing that for weeks! I saw a post about cerazette and mood swings and alarm bells rang. Googled Cerazette and anxiety/depression and found lots of stuff. I spoke to my doctor and came off all medication and lo and behold - I am totally fine again! Cerazette made me so mentally unstable, it was terrifying. I have had it yellow carded and suggest anyone else with similar issues speaks to their GP and does the same.
The fact that this pill is being heavily marketed to doctors at the moment (according to my HV) means more people are likely to be prescribed it, and at a time when they have just had a baby and therefore their side-effect symptoms could easily be confused with PND.
If you have recently had a baby and were feeling ok but suddenly start to feel bad or not yourself shortly after starting a mini-pill it might be worth considering changing or stopping medication to just rule out a link. Check with your doctor first of course!!!

Trina333 Fri 05-May-17 10:08:45

Wow thanku ive major anxiety went on this pill after having my lb april 2015 .never in my wildest dreams did i link this poison to my feelings theve had me on anti depressants etc .which made it 10 times worse so i binned those n im now binning these thanku for posting as nearly 10 years on your infos helping others like me thanku x

CL12345 Tue 20-Dec-16 12:39:55

I just re-read your post; you stopped already!
Try not to stress over it now and see how it goes in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully you'll feel better smile

CL12345 Tue 20-Dec-16 12:36:11

Brybry11 common sense would say "stop the pill if you feel like your mental health is suffering from it".
Not having an hormonal contraception is less important than your mental health. Stop it and see if you feel better; in the meantime chose an alternative contraception ;)

Brybry11 Tue 20-Dec-16 08:48:05

I really hope people are still checking this and can advise me. When my second baby was 8 weeks old I started Cerelle as am breast feeding, within a week my anxiety was increasing (was feeling amazing beforehand) to the point where it was crippling me! I have always been an anxiety sufferer but had been off medication for 2 years and was feeling better than ever- with some ocasional anxiety which I accepted and could control!
I couldnt understand why I was being crippled by this anxiety so googled the pill and was overwhelmed by the many websites i read relating this pill to anxiety. Immedietly stopped. Im now day 4 of not taking this pill however dont see much of a decrease in my anxiety.. please tell me it does get better? I dont want to go back on AD for my anxiety, but at the same time dont know how many more days I can cope with this.. not to mention christmas day being so close and We go on holiday in 3 weeks (both things that i was giddly excited about before this pill, now dread)
Thank you for any replies

blackistheneworange Sat 28-May-16 08:33:05

I think this is what's been affecting me but rather than stop taking it I just carried on. Well, today I stop! I just want to feel like me again, and not fall out with my DP, or constantly be in tears on the way to and from work. Aaargh!

KM15 Wed 27-Apr-16 23:23:01

Hi Likkleangel, I'm doing great thank you 😀 I'd say 98% back to myself. I still scare myself from time to time with what happened, the awful thoughts and what could have been. But on the whole, I'm loving life and I'm happy again😃
I've been shocked to discover how many other women have had mental health reactions to their contraceptive pill. It has been a truly life changing experience for me as I thought I was going to lose everything.
It's just like a bad dream now. I won't ever take a hormonal contraceptive again, and will be advising my daughter the same.
I'm on heightened alert whenever anyone tells me they are experiencing anxiety - Check your pill ! Check any medication you are taking ! When did you start taking it / when did the symptoms appear?
I'd never experienced anxiety, disturbing thoughts or depression previously (I'm 40 and have taken contraceptive pills for over 20 years) and yet this was the effect Cerazette had on me.
There is dangerously little research about the effects of hormonal contraceptives on the brain. I'd like to take this further at some point, but for now, I'm spending my time appreciating every little bit of my life.
Anyone who is experiencing this now and reading these pages - remember that it will pass in time and you'll be ok again xx

Likkleangel Sat 23-Apr-16 17:45:47

Km15, how are you doing now ?

Elizaahy Sat 12-Mar-16 08:29:15

Hi, I'm looking for any advice I can on this Pill. I was put on it as I suffer from migraines and they said it would be the best pill for me. However the first month I had a bit of bleeding at first then a proper period and the bleeding stopped for a while. Lately I've started to bleed again and it's everyday now. I understand this is normal when on this pill. But what's worrying me more is after sex I've noticed there is blood. The bleeding can have stopped for a couple of hours but after sex there is blood and it's got me worried. I'm going to see my doctor but needed advice to put my mind at ease as I'm not seeing the doctor for another couple of days.
Has this happened to anyone else. Is the bleeding after sex just from this pill?
Any advice would be great as I'm going mad worrying

KM15 Thu 19-Nov-15 19:51:40

Just an update from me. I've been off this pill for 5 weeks and feeling more normal although still traumatised by the whole experience. The things that have worked for me to recover is: accepting that I've had a psychotic reaction to this pill (this I've found the most difficult as I felt like it was 'me'), finding a great counsellor to help with the thoughts and anxiety, letting others look after me for a while, reducing my workload to allow me to recover, having reiki. It's been an appalling episode in my life and I'm not sure I'll ever trust Doctors again. Their only suggestion was to go on anti depressants and to ask about contraception. Lol.

KM15 Tue 13-Oct-15 12:34:51

I was so relieved to find these posts on Mumsnet last week. I was on Cerazette for three weeks when almost overnight I began to experience awful paranoid thoughts that I just couldn't shake off. Feeling anxious, sick, worried, and that I couldn't look after my children alone. I was frightened and started to think I couldn't drive, go to work, and generally live my life. I woke up during the night and one night had a panic attack with shaky legs and heart racing.
This all happened in only 3 days, although it felt like my life had ended, then I found these posts and stopped taking the pill. I rang my doctor the following day who agreed. By then, I'd already started to feel more like myself again.
It's now day 7 and I'm feeling pretty normal - although still twinges of anxiety and fear. I can't believe that there was no real warning of this on the packet - 'mood swings' is a serious understatement. It says 730 reports of psychotic symptoms for Desigestrel have been received by the Yellow Card agency, compared with 101 pregnancies. We are always told of the 99% effectiveness of the pill and that we could become pregnant. Why on earth aren't we warned about the psychotic side effects?? I've posted a yellow card report myself. Hopefully someone will listen and do something about this. I wouldn't want anyone else going through what I've just been through.

If anyone is reading this and having the side effects, try not to worry - it does get better when you stop taking it.

Heartweaver Tue 16-Jun-15 11:48:43

I am not a mom, but I registered for an account in order to post on this thread.

I can assure you that what all of you experienced is very likely not due to postnatal depression. However, if you are already depressed like I was, the effect of the pill amplifies it. It has gotten to the point that it nearly wrecked my marriage even though all is well, I felt like a victim and prisoner for no reason at all.

It has also caused my health to deteriorate, despite having regular exercise and eating well. I knew that something is clearly wrong if I am plagued with depression on the best time of my life with no stressors present, that it must be the pill who is the culprit. Sure enough, the day after I got off the pill, I am back to my happy-go-lucky self again. I am staying away from artificial hormones indefinitely (had bad effects from Gynera as well).

Wissy73 Wed 06-May-15 11:18:31

Thank you so much to everyone for posting on here. I've been suffering these symptoms for 4 years and have stopped taking this pill today!!! My GP prescribed this pill when my son was 6 weeks old and I went back after 2 weeks to say I felt weird and depressed and I was assured that the pill had nothing to do with it. Yesterday a friend pointed out that it could be the cerazette that was making me feel like this and after reading these comments I am convinced that this is the case. I just wish more new mums knew about this as I simply thought I wasn't coping very well and now I'm sure it's been the cerazette all along!

Kate145 Tue 17-Mar-15 00:17:14

I have just started taking this over a week ago. Pretty worried as I have tried three different combination pills and all have made me depressed/anxious/moody/unreasonable!! Thought this would be the answer for me but maybe not! I have been pill free for over a year and felt so much better. The last couple of days I have suffered with paranoia and anxiety. What I really don't understand is why my gp would prescribe this as I was so anti any pill due to my previous depression (suicidal at times.) Condoms are the way forward!! I hope other people realise how much a pill can change you life.

LoopyLou2015 Mon 16-Mar-15 20:31:38

Well it's day five without that crappy pill and my head is clear again. I'm not 100% and don't expect to be yet, but I can function. The whooshing sound has gone from my head and I can get up in the mornings. I don't feel so desperate and low, and have had only two anxiety attacks since stopping taking them. Can't believe one stupid little pill made me feel so dreadful! angry

LoopyLou2015 Wed 11-Mar-15 15:31:53

So....first day without taking the demon pill today.....clearly too soon for any effects, but the fact that this whole nightmare might be due to something external and not me just going berserk has me in a better mood already! Pills all in the bin, good riddance!!

LoopyLou2015 Tue 10-Mar-15 17:49:14

God almighty, I wish I'd thought about this weeks ago.......was prescribed Cerelle at the end of January. Within four days I suffered a major panic attack, utterly terrifying and debilitating. I had more during the following week, to the point where I was signed off work, and have been seeing a counsellor. It seems that I have had a total breakdown, and in order to avoid letting my employer down as I have shown no signs of improvement after five weeks, I have actually handed my notice in. I have felt on a number of occasions that life for everyone would be better if I were dead. For someone who is generally confident, bright and upbeat, I'm permanently anxious, paranoid and nervous. I've spent three days in bed, literally unable to face the world and don't want any contact with anyone, I have lost all self confidence. I had a sudden thought this afternoon out of the blue that these episodes have coincided to within days, with my starting to take Cerelle.

Having read all the above I'm terrified that the side effects don't state more clearly what can happen. I'd already taken today's, but won't be taking any more. Whether or not anyone replies here, I going to update daily to record what I hope will be progress. The thought that there might be a light at the end of this hideous tunnel has given me pretty well the first smile for weeks, I've honestly thought I was going insane. Fingers crossed for me.......

alishac Mon 16-Feb-15 20:28:34

I also wonder if the bouts of depression come and go? I will go a few months without any problem and the all of a sudden its terrible? Ive been feeling really upset for about on 2 months now and this has been my worst experience with the anxiety thus far. Ive been taking the pill for a year. Ive felt terrible about 80% of my days since being on it. I continued taking the mini pill thinking it would eventually even out my hormones, instead my symptoms are getting progressively worse.

alishac Mon 16-Feb-15 20:08:46

I am on the mini pill now! I went from being an extremely happy person to very upset and having terrible scary thoughts. Constantly worrying about my kids dying, my husband dying, and my mom dying. I have no past with depression or anxiety. I have been waking up every morning anxiety stricken and shaking uncontrollably. This is not like me at all Ive had test run on blood glucose levels and thyroid. I reached out to a counselor to meet with once a week, and a Stephen minister from my church has been helping me. It dawned on me this morning that I have been having these issues for the same amount of time ive been on the mini pill. My question is how long after stopping the pill did you start feeling better? I have been baffled by all of this because it is so totally out of character for me. Ive never in my life felt emotionally unstable until this.

rhia88 Fri 26-Sep-14 18:31:41

Well what a difference a day makes, day 3 off the pill and today I feel almost normal, my daughter has just said to me "mum you seem really happy today", if you had said to me yesterday I would feel like this today, I would of doubted every word. !!!!!!!!

rhia88 Thu 25-Sep-14 14:25:10

I have just found this post, I have been on this pill for 9months now, but stopped taking it 2 days ago after reading this, at the moment I just feellike I am on the verge of not being able to cope and have been constconstantly feeling sick, then a couple of days ago it dawned on me it could be the pill, I stopped one once before because it made me depressed, so hopefully I will start perking up as cannot keep this up much longer, I hate feeling like this, will let you know how it goes

HelenPye Wed 21-May-14 14:58:08


I’ve just come across this thread and was wondering if any of you might be able to help me.

I was on Cerazette for 6 months and got awful depression to the point where I had to take a year out of university because I couldn't face waking up in the morning. I went to my doctor who refused to believe it could be Cerazette causing the problem and tried to put me on antidepressants instead. It took me going to multiple doctors before I found one who listened to my concerns and even then they wouldn’t report it to the Yellow Card scheme because they said they couldn’t prove it was Cerazette’s fault.

At the moment I’m doing a Masters in journalism and for my final project I’m looking at the link between the mini-pill and depression, and whether women are being overmedicated with antidepressants because doctors aren’t recognising the mini-pill is causing depression. It’s a topic I’m hugely passionate about getting more media coverage for and alerting more women to the dangers of Cerazette.

I was wondering if any of you would be willing to talk to me about your experiences, particularly as the mini-pill has been shown to trigger PND. It can be completely anonymous, but I’d be hugely grateful if one of you was willing to talk your experiences and hopefully we raise more awareness of the issue.


stacey282012 Tue 09-Jul-13 08:52:24

this happened to me too with cerazette. im so glad I have read this I thought I was going mad. now I know im not alone. I was only on them foe 3 months and ended up in hospital feeling like I was having a heart attack which the doctor said it was a really bad anxiety attack. I went on to suffer bad depression and regular pains in my arms which are a weird feeling and I still get them cause I think im paranoid about things still and I cause myself the pain by stressing and don't know how to stop.

anyone know a pill with very little side affects because after that experience I have not took the pill for about 2 years because im too scared too.

jbemms09 Fri 03-Aug-12 00:13:51

OMG, seriously.... I just felt the need to write on this blog because of my truly AWFUL experience on the mini pill cerazette. Was prescribed this after the combined pill made me moody also, and this still doesn't work. It also took away my sex drive and gave me daily headaches... I am no longer using any pills condoms will work for me! Literally, I felt so depressed and psychotic splitting up with my boyfriend for no reason and wanting to call in sick and just stay in bed! I NEVER feel like this, I always want to go to work and do my best but since taking the pill i've been failing my targets and just overall miserable. I really truly do not reccommend this pill to anyone, I would cry randomly and become really aggressive. I am really thankful for all the other comments as now i know i'm not mental and it is the pill smile I'm hoping it will wear off in a couple of days smile

Thanks guys xxxxxxx

Kidsmummy Sun 20-May-12 21:54:45

I also suffered on and off with anxiety attacks and this pill made me feel completely out of control. I also ended up ringing an out of hours GP as I had had my first ever paranoid attack which made me feel, well I suppose the best word to describe as terrified.
Once I stopped with the Cerazette, a week or so later my AD meds were increased and only this last week have I been able to get through the day with minor attacks and have felt alot more social and contented. I don't know what the best form contraception would be for you but for me, I won't be putting any hormones in my body without first having a hysterectomy !

There are other pills out there and I suppose it's trial and error but being moody, depressed etc are side effects we can all live with if only minor - alas that pill didn't give me minor more like major major major

Good luck with your quest to find a pill that suits but don't suffer unless you have too!

Kt1991 Sun 20-May-12 20:16:09

So glad I came across this page. I was put onto this pill about 6 months ago now, as I was no longer allowed to be on the Yasmin Pill due to mirgraines, and because I was breastfeeding, and the coil didn't work for me, so I thought the best option was to stay on the pill. Bad choice! I have been constantly moody, snappy and just generally horrible to my other half. I have always suffered with anxiety, but this pill has made it ten times worse! I even had to call for an ambulance once, because I was suffering terrible stomach cramps, which made me have a very bad panic attack. I wish I coud change over to another form of contraception, but my partner and I prefer not to use condoms. I have only had a couple of proper periods, recently I came on a week late, which then lasted on and off for nearly 2 weeks. And this period this week has only been light spotting. I was diagnosed with PCOS at the beginning of the year, so I am not too sure whether it is that or the cerazette? Would love to hear from anyone in this same situation, as I am very confused and stressed right now!!

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