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6 week old super unsettled in the evening

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marinova Mon 11-Nov-19 20:15:32

Just after some advice and a bit of support. My little boy was born (my first) 6 weeks ago and in the evenings/night its just me and him as my husband works a late shift 3pm-1am. In the last week or so he has been inconsolable in the evenings crying his little heart out, he is so distressed it makes me want to cry and I am starting to feel like a really rubbish mum and really isolated. I do all the usual nappy, feed, burp, cuddle, walk around and give him infacoil and colief but he still seems to be suffering. Help!

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JPharm Mon 11-Nov-19 20:30:03

This was me six weeks ago. I changed to comfort formula and saw a huge improvement so it could have been colic despite me trying all the medication for colic to no avail.

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