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Breast feeding

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flossyfloss Wed 05-Jul-17 21:10:32


I'm pregnant with my 5th smile I have breastfed all my other babies for about 1 week and had to stop due to excruciating pain in my nipples. Midwives have checked and told me the latch was fine but I'd end up with bleeding sore nipples and blisters. I've read that it's common for breastfeeding to be toe curling painful in the first couple of weeks and to persevere.

It was so bad last time that I was in agony and dreading feeds and crying and trying to stop feeding before the baby was ready to finish the feed just to stop the pain sad

I always ended up switching to formula feeding. I really want to try this time to at least bf for a month!

Does anyone have any tips on whether that kind of pain is normal and what I can do to help or limit pain? Is it just a case of bearing through it?

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FidgetMcGee Wed 05-Jul-17 21:25:07

Could you find some lactation consultants in your area, in advance, so that you can get everything checked over - latch, positioning, tongue-tie, etc - once your baby arrives, if things are painful? They see so many women and lots of scenarios they could pick up something that's been missed by a midwife. If you're anywhere near NW London PM me and I can send you the details of someone I'd recommend.

I didn't have bleeding or damage to my nipples but I remember it being really sore at the start and it was very tender they got engorged. Lansinoh nipple cream and their therapearl gel pads were life-savers. Also, I changed breast pads as the ones I had were irritating me, so it might be worth trying some a couple of brands.

FidgetMcGee Wed 05-Jul-17 21:26:50

And, congratulations!

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