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Introducing a bottle tips

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MrsG2017 Sun 28-May-17 20:27:55

Hi All

My DS is 6weeks old and while I'm loving breastfeeding I really want to start him taking a bottle of expressed milk.

I think I have left it a bit late as he hates the bottle so far.

I need to go back to work due the odd morning soon, does anyone have any tips as to how to get him to like a bottle ?? Thanks

Tiggermama Tue 01-Aug-17 08:15:43

Hi, my wee one was about the same age when we gave a bottle of ebm for first time as I was completely worn out!
I'd recommend that someone else gives the bottle, my baby wasn't keen to take it off me as would rather sit on the boob for hours! Also try to get a bottle that is closest to your nipple, I like the MAM anti colic ones and they have a really high acceptance rate for bf babies. Definitely use the slowest possible teat and hold bottle closer to horizontal so baby is still having to work to get the milk.
Just make sure to pump whenever you skip a feed, esp during growth spurt or you will be sorry, trust me I know!
Good luck and hope you get a rest x

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