whats going on?!

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somethingwittynot Wed 14-Mar-12 20:58:20

hi i have all the symptoms of being pregnant again.me and my dp had an accident with the condom about 3 weeks ago. i still havent had a period since having DS 7 weeks ago. i started with mild lower back and stomach cramping followed by some light pink discharge for about one and half days. i have been weeing more frequently having headaches and my boobs have become full and slightly tender. ive had infrequent bouts of nausea and heartburn and im more tired than normal.
i have POAS 4 times now 2 last week 2 this week and all negative.
i woke up this morning to the pinky brown discharge this morning and quite severe period pain so i put a pad on and fully expected my period and nothing. not even discharge.
my DS was born by crash emergancy section so could this be a complication from the section? i was also critically ill after birth so could that be playing a part?

wondered if any of you had the faintest as to what could be going on?!

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