10 wk old baby won't sleep in evenings

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vicmum Sun 08-Jan-06 15:50:41

I am new to MN and am not sure whether to post this here under post-natal section or in the sleep section. I have a 10 wk old baby and would like some advice on sleeping... He is good at sleeping at night and sleeps from 11pm to 6am most nights without waking. However, during the day he doesn't sleep at all unless he is in the pram, so every day we have a long walk for a couple of hours when he sleeps. When we try to settle him in the evening (around 7-8pm)he will not go to sleep.
He seems happy enough and seems to be getting enough sleep, but DH and I would really like to get him to sleep in the evening so we can have some time to ourselves...after a feed he will fall asleep on me, but when we move him to the carry-cot he wakes up. We have tried rocking the cot for up to 40 mins but with no success....Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?

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lexiemum Thu 12-Jan-06 22:54:53

you're doing well. my 15wk is doing about the same but have learnt not too worry too much. but so we get time together (within social evening hours)we have found that a bottle around 530ish whilst having tea with other DD and then we all go upstairs for baths and books. I start bath with baby and finish her before DD1 gets out, this exhausts her and stick her straight into cot with a dummy and the mobile - she usually drifts off for an hour and half or so. dd1 is left once in bed so we get about an hour of just us. She'll have another feed around 9 and that's it till she drifts off again - we usually put back in cot and let her watch mobile, which she's happy doing but obviously we don't relax or sleep until we know shes asleep.

all completely different with dd1 - she only ever slept for 3hrs max at any one time, even during the night. Sleeping through didn't happen till she was nearly two!

could read - contented baby or watch baby whisperer on discovery health channel

remember winding - it can last forever!

could try baby massage after evening bath?

I would and always have avoided rocking to sleep when you are putting them down at night - they associate this with sleep and then can't get back off without it (same goes for falling asleep on you and then transferring to cot). I also wait till they are screaming before picking up - leave them to whinge. I say all this, but have also done this with DD1 and reaped the negative i.e. bad sleep pattern till 2yrs old!

btw after a 6am feed does baby go back to cot? dd2 wakes at 5.30 but will usually go back to cot till 10.30.

HeyBaby Thu 12-Jan-06 23:16:09

Vicmum - My DS is 15 weeks now and this week I have started to try to get him into a "bedtime" routine by bathing him (relaxes him) then feeding him (his 6-7pm feed) then reading him some books before putting him in his cot. I have some musical toys which I play to him after I put him in his cot and then I leave the room and hope that he falls asleep! Some other mums told me that they have established this kind of bedtime routine. So far so good (touch wood)!!!

But have to say, your 10 week old sleeping through from 11pm to morning is pretty good! You guys should count yourself lucky!!

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