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is it ok to wear leggings all the time? do u wear leggings. i cant fit into jeans

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tinkbig Mon 05-Sep-11 11:37:43


how many people wear leggings

i cant fit into jeans tried and failed 12s too big and 10s too small hmm

i wear leggings all the time now with tops my bum sometimes shows!!

do you have to wear leggings with long tops to cover the bum or doesnt it matter

leggings will look great with my boots in the winter

i am slim

i wearblack leggings mostly

i have just bought myself a grey next jumper which is lovley and long goes way past my bum

picnicbasketcase Mon 05-Sep-11 11:40:59

Leggings look alright when worn more like tights, ie with something long over them, rather than like trousers with shorter tops, which can look very unflattering. I'd keep looking everywhere for jeans personally. There must be a pair out there somewhere that would fit you. Are they too big/small around the waist or on the legs and bum and everywhere?

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