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Tory free breakfast

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rollonthesummer Wed 31-May-17 09:04:49

Have they said anywhere how this would actually work? I gather that it's based on EEF research but their funding was assuming a 25% take up, no staffing costs and donated food.

Would it be a breakfast club like they are now, running from eg 7.30 in the school hall? Currently my children's school offers that but you pay quite a lot for it. The cost pays for the food and the staffing. I can't imagine either are cheap.

If this plan comes in-will it replace this, but be free? If it is, no one would use the existing paid childcare/breakfast club,l anymore, would they?

Or would just the food part be free but you'd have to pay for the childcare? Which wouldn't be viable for a lot of the families this is trying to support? Or would it be free for some children and not others?

Or will it be toast and cereal dished out at 9am in classrooms by the teachers during 'directed' time, whilst they call out the register?

The daft thing is-it feels like we have only just got free lunches for infants sorted out! My school had to expand its kitchen (at massive cost) to pay for this. Uptake is now good. Extra staff were not really needed as the children are there eating anyway, whether is is packed lunch or dinners and staff are there to help, dish up and supervise.

Have they said hope this might work in practice. If it is to replace before school childcare, the intake in many schools will be enormous!

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