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So Dave can write a note to absolve his fox-hunting chums from the law...?

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MagpieRainbow Wed 23-Sep-15 16:17:47

While its nice that Dave might be willing to render the law inert for those that share the same hobby as he by the simple act of writing a letter, I do find this perhaps demonstrates that tired old chestnut- one law for us, another for everybody else- rather succinctly. I suppose this in no small part due to the fact that I find no allure in the prospect of chasing a defenceless, terrified mammal for miles and miles, until the fatigue acids that the creatures attempt at escape generates, escalate and combine with its reduced oxygen intake to produce a state of utter abject misery to such an extent that being ripped apart by hounds suddenly doesn't seem so bad. However I do quite like cocaine. I'm having a dinner party next week-if the worst happens and we get busted by the law could Dave write a note similarly absolving me? I can't quite remember how the fox hunting one went, something along the lines off 'Is this really a productive use of police time/resources'. (Daily Mail, yesterday). Better still, seeing as he's in charge now why not ensure that police never waste time by redefining the parameters of their concerns? I'm sure that those will be cut backs everyone will get behind.

howtorebuild Wed 23-Sep-15 16:23:01

The media is manipulating people again for some reason, I guess to elect Osborne or Johnson.

I think Cameron and May are the lesser of the the evils and I don't vote Tory.

Isitmebut Wed 23-Sep-15 16:28:52

We could ask Corbyn what he thinks, but he's already had more (policy) flip flops over one week, than I saw at today's Lib Dem conference - with or without socks.

Maybe he can ask 'Angie' from Blackburn what to think.

MagpieRainbow Wed 23-Sep-15 16:32:24

Johnson would be OK- remember when he stood up to the muggers? That kind of grit is EXACTLY what we want in a leader. Osborne? Are you serious? The man has the people skills and charisma of a soggy wank flannel. From what I've seen of him on TV his wit isn't much better.

squidzin Wed 23-Sep-15 18:13:28

Johnson invented those Netherlands style bikes you can use through central London without fear of being squashed by a lorry. He's my 1st choice.

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