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WE NEED MPs to debate "Assisted Dyeing" The Lords ok but hardly representive

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digdeepforanswers Mon 21-Jul-14 13:06:56

The problem is opinion has shifted to allowing a change in our law.

The serious opinion polls are said to say 70 per cent in favour.

Any Questions? had an audience vote with vast maj in favour. These would be people largeyl between 35 and 75

I can see why Dave wouldnt want an MPs debate yet. But it will come eventaually.

I can see both sides. But the elderly are in favour by a majority.

Nothing against the Church but they do have minor audience, And
major influence A tad odd

Isitmebut Mon 21-Jul-14 13:57:42

Do you really think that public opinion has changed on this, as I thought the majority of people have been open to this for years, and that it is the church changing its mind?

As a fan of PMQT I guess you missed what I think was last week, when a Coalition MP mentioned the Lord’s debate to Cameron and he said something like ‘while I am personally against it, I have no objection to MP’s debating it in parliament’ and told him to arrange it with whoever has the power to do so.

Clearly if after the debate there is cross party support, Cameron’s personal opinion (like on our membership of a reformed EU in an ‘in or out’ referendum) I’d assume counts for very little.

But as we have had the Queen’s Speech on what the coalition wish to finalise by law at the fag end of this parliament, and as I have no idea what the Lib Dems would support (needed to pass a law with a Tory minority government), someone correct me if I’m wrong, I doubt with all this international pooh hitting the fan, there will be no time in the several months left to go through the cross party support motions to pass legislation.

Frankly I believe this will be Labour’s ‘issue’ after 2015, as thanks to dodgy electoral boundaries, even if Labour and the Conservatives get the same number of votes, the Labour Party will have a huge parliamentary MP majority to AGAIN do what they want.

And the parliamentary Labour is not shy on new legislation; in their 13-years they passed more laws I believe than every government combined for the previous century. It’s what they do, fiddle when something isn’t broken – the last count I saw was over 4,300 new laws, nearly one-a-day Labour were in power – no wonder they didn’t build enough homes and the private sector was tanking, they had other ‘stuff’ to concentrate on.

For now I agree with you, the subject of “Assisted Dying” should be given the full attention of parliament asap, and maybe when Mr Miliband comes back from his Washington photo opportunity with Mr Obama ‘jolly’, he will use his parliamentary weight to force the issue before the end of THIS parliament, if at all possible.

P.S. I’m very much ‘for’ it.

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