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sorry about delay on 5-Live, Could not get through

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digdeepforanswers Thu 17-Jul-14 11:49:37

Thank you two for responding.

Victoria Derbyshire is probably heading for a political TV programme.
Which she would like.

Richard Bacon is never short of a programme. I dont know about
Ms Fogarty. But she has career prospects.

Yes , they are all good in their way. But all long-term 5-livers
When Gabby was with them there were 4 women presenters

I would prefer 50-50 on gender. Presenter tastes is always a matter of opinion Master Nolan can be a very tough interviewr on politics On a station which is heavy on sport.

The research suggests MEN are keener on pro sport than women.

Listeners complain about change. But new bosses want to do their own thing.

JIMMY YOUNG was asked to leave at 80 . He has never forgiven the BBC ( I have not made that up)

stay cool and listening

MillyMollyMama Thu 07-Aug-14 14:21:32

You obviously don't listen to 5 Live all day or every day of the week. There are quite a few women co presenters at 4.00 pm and Rachel Burden on Breakfast. There are some women sports presenters too, Eleanor Oldroyd springs to mind. Victoria Derbyshire presented Newsnight a few weeks ago but Paxo's job has not gone to her. She does a lot of gossipy and human interest stories and interviews on her programme and I would not see her as being a particularly good fit with Newsnight. Shelagh Foggarty is now 3 days a week on 5 Live but sure what else she does. I think Richard Bacon said he was leaving. Radio stations need to change and evolve.

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