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Families Against Fees - new organisation

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WelshCerys Sun 05-Dec-10 15:38:32

is the website for Families Against Fees, set up by radio presenter Liz Kershaw with the backing of the NUS. More about the fledging organisation on the NUS site and I think there's a facebook page.

If you go on the site, you can customise a letter to your MP which is then emailed to him/her ahead of next Thursday's tuition fees vote.

Just done it myself - one small voice but they will stack up.

WelshCerys Sun 05-Dec-10 15:46:10

Previous thread mentions this organisation ...
didn't read it first.
Take the point in it that there seems to be little or nothing about parents joining any one of the protests - perhaps our voices could be heard more with the help of FAF and the NUS?

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