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My MIL is currently at Witchcamp

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Aragon Thu 11-Aug-05 17:10:17

Now then - no funny comments.

Honestly she really is at a pagan camp this week called "Witchcamp" near Glastonbury.

My SIL who is pagan has been going for years and is one of the organisers. She has been trying to persuade my MIL to go for years as she feels it'll be relaxing for her (I agree having attended one 3 years ago).

However, I will be interested to see how my lovely, kind and sweet (but rather conservative) MIL copes with some of the, shall we say "alternative" people who attend as well. [wicked grin emoticon]. We don't live too far from Glastonbury and DH and I are making bets on whether ot not she'll last the week.

When I attended I had a fabulous time - so relaxed at the end of it and as I was pregnant all the "witches" present who were skilled in aromatherapy, massage, reflexology etc provided me with lots of support and free aromatherapy, massage sessions etc. Fabulous time. Would love to attend again but DS is just too small to be without his Mummy for a week.

Hope my MIL enjoys it and that it's not too "far out" for her.

Aragon Thu 11-Aug-05 20:36:22

bump for anyone with horrible MIL's. This could be the place to send them.

Mine is nice but may not last the week.

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