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I want to go in there and she wants to go somewhere else....

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KemalsStilletto Mon 08-Aug-05 19:23:28

I go to church on Sunday with my friend. She introduced me to the church and I have been going off and on a few years, but for a month I have been going every single week.

There is a childrens room and a youth room at the back of the church and then the main body of the church for adults and very young children and babies who prefer or need to stay with their parents.

My friend always wants to go in the youth room and I myself prefer to stay in the main church with the adults. The youth room has teens aged 11 - 18. My friend and I are 24 and 21 respectively and I find the teens in the youth room don't believe and when the leader is talking about issues including drugs and sex and telling them why they shouldnt do it and the likes, these kids just laugh, and the majority are prob only there because the parents make them and not because they truly want to be there to worship. My friend this week persuaded me to go in the youth room and it was the same bunch of teens laughing at the leader as usual and me getting nothing out of it really, yet in the main church with the preacher and adults I always feel so inspired, refreshed and try my best to be a good person when I come out of it but I know my friend will be here every single week asking me to go in the youth room with her and I really don't want to. Would it be nasty to tell her to go to the youthroom if she wants but I prefer to stay in the main church or should I just follow where she wants to go?

Ameriscot2005 Tue 09-Aug-05 10:17:54

Just tell her firmly, but kindly, what you want to do.

Say that you need to hear the Word from the preacher and it is not the right season for you to be in with the youth, although you appreciate what an essential ministry this is.

Incidently, at our church, 14+ (CYFA) stay in the main service and they have their own thing on Sunday evenings. I don't think they come to either of these events because their parents force them though.

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