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christian mums groups in colchester?

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monkey26 Sun 09-Aug-09 20:33:44

Is anyone aware of any groups where christian mums meet with babies/toddlers to do bible study or christian chat?

JentlyDoesIt Tue 11-Aug-09 20:38:41


I'm in Colchester too! I pop in and out of the Christian prayer thread, tho I'm not on Mumsnet so often any more as I've just gone back to work full time...

Have a peep at my profile if you want, though the photos need updating. I'm afraid I don't know about any Christian groups or such but I attend a fab C of E church (in Old Heath). However, my friend is part of a church in Ipswich who might know of some groups nearby if you would like me to ask?

Hope this helps, feel free to CAT me or reply on here if you want?

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