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Sunday school for 2-year-olds - ideas please!

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MrsJamin Wed 15-Jul-09 18:44:28

Helping to run Sunday school for 2-year-olds to when they go to school. We're struggling to follow material that is suitable for 2 year olds rather than 3-5 year olds. Last time we followed a book covering the idea that God's kingdom grew like a mustard seed - it seemed quite ridiculous to try to teach something that abstract!

What do other churches do for this age group? Our group next academic year is going to be predominantly 2-year-olds rather than 3s and 4s so we really need something absolutely basic. Any ideas for materials or websites would be v welcome.

nowwearefour Wed 15-Jul-09 18:51:10

this seems v strange to me. surely it is just a creche for that age group? you could tell the odd v v quick story but my 2 yr old would not really learn anything in a sunday school. i pray daily with my 2 year old so you could do that. i think just playing for that age group. surely? Noah's ark toys??

sdr Wed 15-Jul-09 18:51:49

The church I used to go to had a lovely group for Babies - 5 year olds called Little Saints. We used to do some action songs, read a story (not always a Bible story, but something about friendship, growing up, nature) and occassionally a simple craft. Each session was around a theme, these add up quite quickly when you go through the celebration days. So obviously Easter, but also around then, Spring, baby animals etc. We occassionally did a craft, but quite hard to do at this age without making too much mess. Also lit a candle and said a simple prayer. Hope this helps.

MrsJamin Wed 15-Jul-09 19:31:38

nowwearefour - I guess it's just something a bit more than playing, i.e. gluing something, a story, singing, drawing- something just slightly more constructive than babysitting.

sdr - thanks that is helpful, I guess we want an actual programme to work through with ideas of how to link a theme to the activities.

Niecie Wed 15-Jul-09 22:00:16

I help with a pram service at the end of a toddler group once a month and we also used to have a lot of 3 & 4 Yr olds but they have all gone to nursery and school and we are left with 2 yr olds like you.

Have you heard of Teddy Horsley? I think he usually aimed at pre-schoolers. We use him with a teddy prop.

We also do the classic bible stories like Noah's Ark which small children like because of the animals. I remember DS2 doing Jonah and the Whale at Sunday School too. The teacher cut out a whale shape and got the children to wiggle a bit of blue cloth to show it 'swimming' and she told the story at the same time. The little ones have trouble keeping still it was good to keep them busy.

There are several of these books that have few words and great pictures.

We also do a lot of sticking and painting crafts and lots of songs.

This term we have also done hands and feet and on of the other ladies talked about how Jesus washed the feet of the disciples and then had a story about feet.

I can't think what else we have done though.blush

If it comes to me I will post. We also use a good lesson planner resource book but I don't have it here. If the name of that comes to me I will have a look on Amazon.

Niecie Wed 15-Jul-09 22:09:48

I was just checking I hadn't misled you about the age range of Teddy Horsely (I haven't) and found this site.

I thought it might be useful. This one looks particularly appropriate.

mariagoretti Sun 19-Jul-09 15:06:17

Would this approach interest you?
US article about Montessori Sunday School

We used these resources for ideas
Godly Play

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