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Are curses real?

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thelaststraw Wed 06-Apr-05 19:32:21

Do you beleive in curses? I'm told that if you dont beleive, then a curse wouldn't work. I dont beleive in curses, and i'm not sure exactly what i do beleive in. (I am not a troll btw, am a regular). For as long as i can remember, everything that could go wrong, has gone wrong for me and i want a break. Maybe i'm being ridiculous but i really feel that i am cursed. If i ever told people how many things go wrong for me they would think i was making it up. Just, lets say for one moment that we are presuming curses are real, how would a person get rid of one?

gothicmama Wed 06-Apr-05 19:46:52

then you would need to break the curse or identify something that you can change (is there a common link to wht goes wrong other than you) you could try a protective spell someone else her ewill probably have a good one - a simple one is to imagine yourself in a protective bubble that no harm no penetrate- or you could look at using herbs to provide protection or to cleanse you and the house- hope that helps

oatcake Wed 06-Apr-05 20:41:02

Interesting. One of my best friends is a sikh indian girl and her husband has had a terrible time healthwise since they married. On their wedding video, there's a woman in the background gesticulating and muttering which BF swears is the woman cursing them.

I believe her. I believe in curses but I believe that if you believe they can harm you, they will. IYKWIM??? I feel stronger than any curse.

I also think perhaps a bit of feng shui might help??

Weird. My brain hurts now.

Hope things improve.

Papillon Thu 07-Apr-05 11:07:16

If a curse does indeed exist then yes breaking or clearing the curse) is necessary. Curses can be generational in a family. Do you think other members of your family could be cursed?

But it may not be a curse. If it is not, then I think you need to question why you incur such bad luck? We can bring negative situations on ourselves by the way we think. What I am offering below is something I received recently as an response to a question I posed about a situation in my life that has been going on for some time. Like you if I told certain people the story people would think I am making it up. Or am I, are you? Or maybe life is just simply a response to how we think... this is an abbreviated version of what I received! In case you think it goes on abit.

When something bad or upsetting occurs in our life, we often CREATE around us negative THOUGHT FORMS of such magnitude that they come to life. Most of us receive all our physical data first through our minds and then automatically hand over that information to our emotional body. When you RECOGNISE what those thought forms are and how you react to them emotionally then you can set about clearing them from your life.

We create our own thoughts and if they are negative thoughts or negative situations occuring around us then it is easy to give away your own personal power. Our greatest POWER lies within our THOUGHTS. We create first and foremost with our THINKING. All that we are is what we THINK. As we THINK so go our lives. We create ALL that exists around us and we can create all manner of sentient relationships, whether real or unreal, to appear. Sometimes we even attract back to our current lives, emotions and THOUGHT FORMS from our previous lives (or the lives of our family past and present) to dwell here with us now, for all things EXIST NOW and FOREVER.

Anything, THOUGHTS and/or THOUGHT FORMS, that are obsessive in our lives are to be considered a side-path (as opposed to our main path... like the fly that is buzzing around our head) and must be delt with in such a manner as to diminish it and then, quite literally, kill it out of our lives. We feed bad luck, negative thoughts and emotions by making it REAL in our lives.

Whilst we often learn from our life situations. Most of the time the a person who are experiencing negative situations are not learning from it but are rather LIVING THROUGH THEM. This is not a learning or a lesson because all their physical, astral and lower-mind energies are given over to REPEATEDLY EXPERIENCING a specific THOUGHT FORM. To alter the curse we therefore must REGAIN our POWER by REGAINING CONTROL OVER WHAT WE THINK UPON IN OUR DAILY ACTIVITIES.

Here is a story I received about all this...

A great philosopher by the name of "Charles Dickins" once told the story of "The Cat and the Stove". It happened one day that the cat of the house jumped upon the stove out of curiosity to see what was up there. Nothing interesting to play with so it sat down upon one of the burners to enjoy the view. Several days later the cat decided jump upon the stove to reinvestigate what was up there. Finding nothing of interest, the cat sat upon the lit "electrical" burner and leapt from the stove howling and meowing like a crazed cat. The cat never jumped upon the stove again. The moral of the story is that the cat learned the wrong lesson from its experience. The lesson was not to sit upon a lit burner - it wasn't to never jump upon the stove again. And, that, is what is happening to so many of us who live and re-live the wrong lessons in our lives.

The true answer lies within yourself. You have free will, a free spirit and POWER over your own life. Exercise that power, that right and rid yourself of the curse upon your life. Once you think you have the answer. Question that answer and ask again for answers. The secret is not to skim the surface of your life but go deeper. Ask again and again and again..... and again if you have to. GO DEEPER. Because as we question, often the answers will show us how hung up we are on who we think we are.

If you don´t agree with what I have written here... then please just stand aside and let it pass away. All the best and if you wish to please let us know how you are getting on with clearing what goes wrong in your life.

JoolsToo Thu 07-Apr-05 11:07:52


bundle Thu 07-Apr-05 11:08:11


DillyDally Thu 07-Apr-05 11:11:42

No they aren't real but they do have the power of suggestion i.e. when you think you have been cursed you will pick up on all the bad things that happen and attribute them to the curse.
Try thinking of all your blessings and see if you believe all of them are a result of charms / good omens whatever or do you believe they are down to your own hard work?
It should work both ways.

network Thu 07-Apr-05 13:41:18

The last straw

I know what u mean. Like u good luck always seems to have turned its nose up at me also. However recently 2002 this took a dire turn for the worse (chain letter)!!!! However I did seek help and am still receiving help. I contacted explained the very serious probs and received assitance which i am grateful for. Good Luck

DixiExpat Thu 07-Apr-05 16:01:30

Sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. I am a Christian so I can easily and honestlt say that Yes, absolutely I believe that curses and more importantly blessings are a very real reality.I agree with the lower post that there is such a thing as a generational curse as well. I had more than one on my family,two of which were rooted to great-grandparents.The first step to breaking one is realising it is there in the first place.Secondly denounce it,if you are a Christian, denounce it in the name of Jesus/Yeshua whichever you prefer. Then plead the blood of Jesus over yourself and over your home.The Bible says Jesus became a curse for oursakes,the day he overcame the grave he also overcame curses,sin and simply have to accept that and claim it for yourself. The work has already been done and is yours to recieve if you accept Him. One of the names of Jesus translates as Advocate, He is our advocate,he will be there to speak on your behalf in any situation. If you have or are willing to accept him ge will also give his angels charge over you. It is very real but you must consider that what is supernatural to us, is natural to God.

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