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What children say..

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SleepyJess Sun 30-Jan-05 21:22:46

My friend's little girl who is 4 has lot of moments where she comes out with very insightful things. Her parents are not at all religious but R does come to church with me (with their blessing) because she loves to go to Sunday School with DD. But she has been saying these 'insightful' things since she could talk.

Most recent one: I was driving her and DD home to our house last Saturday and she kept saying to me something about when we were dancing. I was concentrating on the traffic and didn't know what she was going on about and she was getting a bit stressed with me because I wasn't 'getting' her.. and she said 'You KNOW! When you were dancing!It was in the pub.. Mark (my DH) was there... Mummy and Daddy were there...' And I said 'well it's a long time since Mark and I have danced in pubs with your mummmy and daddy! We don't do that kind of thing now we have all of you kids!'..and she said (as f I was being v, silly, lol!) "Nooooo.. WE weren't there! I was watching you! I was watching you dancing.. I was still with Jesus!'
My DD said 'Where were you?' and R said 'I was in Heaven.. I wasn't here yet!'
So DD said 'Well I haven't been up in the sky!' and R said 'You HAVE been in Heaven.. you just don't remember!'

I told her mum (my friend) the next day and we laughed because it could have been one of a few occasions of years ago, before we had the our children. R came in and heard me and picked up the story again, using all the same words but this time she said she was 'with God' instead of 'with Jesus'.

I hope she doesn't lose this.. whatever it is.. ability to remember I suppose. I have heard that children often do by the time they are about seven. My DD or DS have never 'remembered' anything like this.. expcept DD once volunteered the info that she remembered being in my belly and it was 'all red and black'.

Any body else got anything like this to tell, from the mouths of their babes?

SJ x

ionesmum Sun 30-Jan-05 21:26:43

Hello, Sleepyjess . Did you have a good weekend?

What a lovely story. My dd just wraps herself up in a towel and says, 'I'm being like Baby Jesus!' and then starts calling me Mary...

SleepyJess Sun 30-Jan-05 21:31:16

LOL IM, that's really cute. The 'R' I was just talking about wanted nothing for Christmas but a Mary outfit! Her auntie scoured the internet for one.. and she wore it all Christmas and wouldn't take it off! She also got a doll which she called Jesus (obviously!). It's quite funny seeing as the whole extended family are not church goers at all.. of course they all 'blame' me! lol!

SJ x

PS replied re w/end on other thread x

ionesmum Sun 30-Jan-05 21:37:19

Oh, Sleepyjess, that is so sweet.

Have you heard of Godly Play?

SleepyJess Sun 30-Jan-05 21:40:32

No, what's that?

ionesmum Sun 30-Jan-05 23:28:05

It's a way of teaching children about Christianity that comes out of the Montessori school of thought. It's very spiritual, and teaches children to use their own creativity in discovering their relationship with God. There is a lovely range of wooden figures that you can buy to use to tell the Bible stories and a range of books. In the U.K. the figures are made in a workshop for adults with special needs. It's very big in the States and is becoming better known over here. I did a course on it run by a nearby diocese for the pram service I help to run, although it's really better suited to slightly older children, and even adults can get a lot from it. I've also bought some figures and I use them with the dds a lot.

There are some websites, if you put Godly Play into a search engine a whole range should come up.

SleepyJess Mon 31-Jan-05 09:07:23

Thanks IM. I will look them up! I am amazed how so many on here are a wealth of information about all sorts.. especially in this forum!

SJ x

ionesmum Mon 31-Jan-05 20:26:03

Hi, Sleepyjess, I've learned loads from here, too, it was on Mnet that I found out about the Spiritual Parenting website

Another really fine book is 'To Dance with God' - I can't remeber the author off the top of my head, but it's a book about using the church year to set up your own family traditions and rituals. It's written from a Catholic viewpoint and is really lovely

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