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Mediums/Spiritualist Churches - Any experiences

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Octopus37 Wed 28-May-14 18:47:21

I am seriously considering investigating the above following on from the sudden death of a very close friend - cause I feel that somehow I would like to receive a message from her or something. Was just wondering if anybody had had any experiences of this positive or otherwise. Thanks

OneEggIsAnOeuf Thu 29-May-14 11:04:06

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. I do very much believe that we exist beyond the physical, but while we all would like reassurance that those we love haven't completely left us, no-one can give that to you. They can share what they believe to be true, but that's not the same thing.

I bought into this some time back - went to a spiritualist church, sat in a development circle etc. For a while i thought stuff was genuinely happening, but when i look back on it my conclusions are that there are two types of medium - the fraudulent and the self-deluded.

Most of the people i met while involved in this were not bad people, anything but. Most of them had a real sense of wanting to be able to alleviate grief and offer hope. Others were a bit more egocentric and clearly got a kick out of thinking they were special. The important thing to remember though is not one single medium has ever been able to demonstrate any ability under controlled conditions. Ever.

Here and here are a couple of links to one of my favourite debunkers - do have a good look through before you part with your money. The only 'proof' for mediumship is anecdote, and it never stands up to scrutiny.


I'm really sorry for your loss. What all the courses I've been on have said is that as a culture we don't do death and grief very well. Organisations like cruse bereavement care are excellent at allowing people to talk through how they feel when the world seems to think that you can get over the loss of someone close within a couple of weeks.

My experience of spiritualist churches is similar to OneEffIsAnOuef's

I have a friend who is a mentalist and does a good psychic stage act although everything he does is due to cold reading. I've noticed when I speak to psychics and mediums they sit very still and try and hold their body language so that they don't leak info.

If you are hurting please talk to a professional. thanks

IndigoBarbie Fri 30-May-14 00:05:52

Hi Octopus, I am so sorry for your loss. May I offer an alternative perspective?

I would ask your friend to come into your dreams, or, just observe your daily life. She will be able to hear you just the same as if she were still here. Our loved ones do still live on and can contact us, it's just a case of being open to it. I speak from many personal experiences. I do not work professionally as a medium, but I do have mediumistic skills therefore I fully know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is real. That, and my own Dad kept coming to visit me in my waking states and passing on details to give to my mum.

I know not everyone believes in this, but I also know that not everyone can do what others can do. Please, if you feel in your heart that you wish to speak to someone who could provide a message for you - please seek out word of mouth recommendations from others. This is often the best reputation of mediumship given via others who have had congruent messages passed on. I mean no disrespect, but I wouldn't wish you to visit another medium or spiritualist and feel let down or that they were somehow fake - there are many genuine people out there, just follow your own intuition to find one.

With much love IB xxx

BellaDesconocida Wed 11-Jun-14 21:30:21

I am very sorry for your loss.
I went to a spiritualist church about a year after losing my mum. I had thought about having a reading instead but felt as if they would be making money out of grief, whereas the church was free.

I found it very peaceful and uplifting (I didn't get a message).
I will probably go back at some point, but everyone turned to look at the person getting a message which would rally embarrass me so next time I'll sit at the front!

Helpys Wed 11-Jun-14 21:34:47

I've investigated a little as my GM was a member of a spiritualist church and it seems a bit rude to have not gone now she's died (20 years ago) blush
If you do go, definitely go to a church not a medium. Where are you OP?
Sorry for your loss.

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