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Why doesnt anyone think of all the innocent people when there's war?

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12thDoctorsCompanion Fri 23-Aug-13 20:24:55

Watching the news. So sad, seeing all the women and children evacuating Syria. Really heartbreaking.

Of course it happens in any war there's ever been.
Why do people have to fight?
For power? money? Greed?

All those innocents who don't seem to matter. (sorry, a downer for a Friday night, just made me so upset, needed a shoulder to cry on).

Was dithering posting this in Chat or Spiritual site. How is all this allowed to happen? Where's God in all of this?

Thinking about the lyrics to 'harvest for the world'. So apt.

DioneTheDiabolist Thu 29-Aug-13 00:07:29

I don't think it's as easy as they would rather buy tanks than food. Psychopaths really do believe that they are special. That the world is better for their empowerment, even if it is to the physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual development of their peoples. Their lack of empathy and desire for personal fulfillment is king.sad

12thDoctorsCompanion Wed 28-Aug-13 17:07:21

Thanks Dione.

I know in some places also the Government would rather spend their money on tanks than feed/house/protect their people.-the people that vote for them.

turbochildren Wed 28-Aug-13 08:37:07

Yes, I also wonder why we fall for it. But mostly I wonder why some people are so in thrall of power that they use all these people to achieve their goals, and don't care about the consequences.
And what about the people who are not at the top? What do they get out of the atrocities? Is it really just 'obeying orders', herd mentality or mass hysteria?
I don't know much about the conflict in Syria blush but the psychology of war is one worth talking about.
I would be quick to accuse religion of shitstirring in the past, but now I find it doesn't have much to do with that. It may be used as a tool, but it seems to me that many religious leaders are probably not driven by the religion at all, though actively using it to gain their own ends.

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 28-Aug-13 00:08:04

And, sorry 12th (great name btw), please ignore the comments from Cote. If she really wanted to debate the Syria conflict, she would be posting in Politics or In The News. She's a Westboro Baptist style Athiest.sad

Your views and the way you want to discuss them and their impact on you are fine And there is a lot to discuss.

DioneTheDiabolist Wed 28-Aug-13 00:00:44

Turbo, your point about psychopaths is really interesting. No doubt many of the wars that we have experienced have been as a result of psychopathic desires. The question is: why do we keep falling for it?confused

Essentially what is it that makes people over-ride their natural drive towards life and agree to fight, sacrifice, be hurt and die, for the reasons given by psychopaths?

headinhands Tue 27-Aug-13 19:40:39

Good points turbo. Your comment on the psychopathy of world leaders calls mind The Pale Blue Dot by the late Carl Sagan.

turbochildren Tue 27-Aug-13 16:29:23

Hei, can I butt in?
Always when war and general unpleasantness between humans is talked about I can't help thinking of The programs about apes and monkeys and their social structure. \pretty similar in chivvying for power, caste systems, attacking rivalling clans etc. I wonder if it's inbuilt, and as higher primates we have to unlearn it, which seem to take a heck of a long time.
It's the stupidity and barbarity of it that's so staggering. Are the leaders all pychopaths?
Sorry if you've moved on from that bit.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sun 25-Aug-13 18:13:48

Head theres an appeal for donations on tv, an advert comes up now and again.

headinhands Sun 25-Aug-13 17:55:29

Doesn't make war any more palatable though. I just can't imagine what it's like actually living in those places coping with routine bombings and now the neuro gas attacks. What's the best charity to be giving to? Possibly Medecins Sans Frontieres

headinhands Sun 25-Aug-13 17:51:05

(the biblical god doesn't have an issue overriding free will when it suits him)

Looking at the human fossil record we are now much much less likely to be killed by another human than at any other time thoughout history. it suggests we are slowly evolving into a more peaceful specie.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sun 25-Aug-13 17:48:36

Free wills also being used on this thread hmm.

and Mrs Walowitz , again, spot on smile.

twistyfeet Sun 25-Aug-13 17:35:57

God gave people free will. People are using it. Many people are bastards and use it to kill other people.
Thats it in a nutshell.

MrsWolowitz Sat 24-Aug-13 23:33:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoteDAzur Sat 24-Aug-13 23:21:22

Yes, it is terribly patronising to let people know that we are talking about the Syrian conflict on another thread.

MrsWolowitz Sat 24-Aug-13 23:09:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsWolowitz Sat 24-Aug-13 23:08:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CoteDAzur Sat 24-Aug-13 21:45:48

MrsWolowitz - I was indeed in a bad mood last night (well, worse than usual wink) but this sort of thing gets me going in the best of times.

OP asks a few questions. Several of us say what we think. The thread could have easily progressed into something interesting from there. For one thing, OP could have learned why expat is sadly very qualified to testify that if God exists, then he indeed allows innocents to suffer sad But noooo, we get called names because we didn't hold hands and sing Kumbaya hmm

If anyone is actually interested in this conflict, I will be over on the Muslim Tearoom thread, talking about it.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sat 24-Aug-13 19:03:41

Thanx Crabby you're right, I was just ststing a point smile. Yellow I read/add to a few threads/sites on MN and get to know the more 'blunt' ones! grin. and get to know who to take with a pinch of salt or just kill the conversation to the goaders (is that a word?!)wink

yellowballoons Sat 24-Aug-13 18:58:18

12th. Dont take Cote personally. She frequently posts in a blunt manner.
Dont know the lyrics you are talking about, but people throughtout the times find songs and poens and literature and I dont know what else, comforting.
And it isnt remotely necessary to know even basics of wars going on, to know theyare not pleasant for most people involved in them.

And actually, the whole thread is good, because it has made me at least, stop and think that yes, not everyone in a war country wants or is in favour of a war.

CrabbyBigBottom Sat 24-Aug-13 18:44:43

12th stop that right now! wink Just because one or two chose to be snippy and nasty doesn't negate the fact that you did get people replying who understand how it is to sometimes feel despairing at humans and all the devastating havoc we wreak on each other. Take comfort in that and ignore people who just want to have a pop at someone.

I certainly don't have any answers - I despair of human nature and the cruelty we are capable of. I prefer animals and the natural world tbh, the rules are simpler. But know that you aren't alone and take some comfort that there are good, decent people out there too.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sat 24-Aug-13 18:43:55

When it gets to the point that HQ are deleting messages on an innocent thread.......

12thDoctorsCompanion Sat 24-Aug-13 18:42:41

crabby Country Mrs Wolowitz and all the other friendly 'lets have a chat over a coffee' posters thanks.

MrsWolowitz Sat 24-Aug-13 18:35:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

12thDoctorsCompanion Sat 24-Aug-13 18:20:22

Thanks for all the support, Im not a politician or a journalist or anyone who claims to know it all,Im just an ordinary no one and i was feeling shite yesterday and made the simple mistake of watching the news and got upset by a story and wanted to lean on a shoulder or two. (like many posters do on a bad day and want to share and ask simple questions)

why there are a couple of posters here making it so nasty is beyond me.

And whats wrong with approprate song lyrics? or any written woprd to describe emotions or events? FFS. Try listening to Our Tune with Simon Bates and see all the songs that mean things to people.

MrsWolowitz Sat 24-Aug-13 08:25:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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