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If your DC's go to a Catholic school, how often to they have a Mass in school?

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olddog Thu 15-Sep-11 10:44:36

We only have a few a year, usually harvest, Ash Wednesday, leavers (Y6 only) but in a neighbouring parish they have weekly and in a local Catholic independent school they have a daily Mass? I was wondering if there was a 'normal'.

angelpantser Thu 15-Sep-11 10:57:59

My DS primary school is the same as yours. They have a "class mass" for each class once a year, Ash Wednesday, leavers and that's pretty much it. However the PP does cover 2 parishes and 2 schools.

At my primary school over 30 years ago we walked in a big long crocodile to church for Holy Days of Obligation and I can't remember ever having Mass in school. At my (convent) senior school there was Mass in the convent every lunchtime but it was by no means compulsory - they would have been surprised if more than three pupils turned up to any one Mass - many days there were none. The school organised compulsory whole school Masses for Holy Days, end of term, leavers etc.

hiddenhome Thu 15-Sep-11 15:57:54

both dcs schools have a mass every week.

geogteach Thu 15-Sep-11 16:05:20

Holy days and start of term here.
We are a parish formed by amalgamating 3 parishes, there are 2/3 priests, 3 churches and a huge hospital chaplaincy. If each priest has a day off a week there just isn't the manpower for more masses in school. When is does take place it is at odd times of the day when the normal daily masses, funerals etc are over.

olddog Thu 15-Sep-11 17:37:42

Thanks all. Our PP is quite new so I wonder if things may change. He has 2 parishes and one school. The school I know with weekly mass has parish mass in the school so its not really an extra mass for the PP but it would only work if the parish people could get to the school. I think 3 masses a year is a bit measly.

TotallyUnheardOf Fri 16-Sep-11 00:44:15

Hi. My dds were in a Catholic school in the US for a term (though we're not Catholic, and obviously the system there is very different). They had mass twice a week, plus a prayer service once a week and liturgical singing once a week, plus extra for special days (are they 'Holy Days of Obligation', angelpantser?) - I think the feast of the Assumption was one, All Saints' Day... that kind of thing.

Greenwing Wed 05-Oct-11 21:41:53

In my DS's primary school they all went to Mass once every week in Key Stage 2 only (from Yr 3, age 7 onwards).

At their current school there is Mass every week but not for everybody: They have a class Mass once a term, just for that Year group, and whole school Mass at the beginning and end of every term and for special feasts and occasions eg Harvest, Remembrance, Ash Wednesday, Ascension, Pentecost etc. They go to Mass in school about 15 times a year.

MindtheGappp Thu 06-Oct-11 00:29:19

We have mass once a term in the school I work in. They are dire, and make me very cross as a Christian.

At my DS's school, there is mass availavpble each week before school. They have school masses once or twice a term and on certain holy days. They have a priest on staff.

smartyparts Thu 06-Oct-11 00:34:36

We only have an actual mass just once a year for the school's saint's day. Class liturgies which the priest attends one per class per term, Ash Wednesday service and they all get marched off to confession before Easter & Christmas.

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