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Not sure what I am looking for (lapsed RC) - what is Evangelical?

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asecretlemonadedrinker Sat 02-Jul-11 09:43:59

I am Roman Catholic, really put off recently from various situations. Mainly I definatly feel unwelcome at church, especially with children. I have recently moved and am seeking something new. A local church has cropped up in my search and is a "evangelical anglian church" - what exactly is this? THey have a sunday school for DS1 which is exactly what I want - a place where he is included. THanks smile

newlark Mon 04-Jul-11 10:15:28

I'm not sure what the formal definition is but didn't want you to not have any answers! There is a broad range of worship styles and views within the anglican church (Church of England) - at one end there wouldn't be much difference to a catholic mass (anglo-catholic/high church). I go to an evangelical anglican church and our main sunday service is very family oriented - the hymns are a mixture of modern and traditional with an empasis on bible-based teaching - there is normally just one bible reading and the talk is based on that and lasts about 25 mins (while children are out in their separate groups). We have less of the traditional liturgy and only have communion once per month in the main service (though there is communion at 8am every week for those that want to get up early smile). The style of worship felt quite unstructured and informal to me to start with but I have grown to love it and really feel part of the chuch community now. I suspect there is a lot of variation between churches though - I can only suggest going along to a service and see how you get on smile

asecretlemonadedrinker Mon 04-Jul-11 23:45:01

Thankyou smile Can I ask where your church is? It sounds very similar to what the website with my local one is "advertising".

Poshbaggirl Tue 05-Jul-11 00:01:57

I went off church at various times in my life. On and off the road as it were with my journey. I was brought up RC. But actually found God on the road to Spalding one day, not in church! It doesnt really matter where you go, God is still there always, and is always waiting with open arms. Go where you feel happy, its the same Bible at the end of the day. I like the formality of Catholic, but it can feel oppressive especially to a newcomer and evangelical churches can feel warmer and more welcoming. Just go for a jolly good sing if thats what feels good!
We all have our own personal road, just do what feels right. X

MmeBlueberry Fri 08-Jul-11 07:22:32

I go to an evangelical Anglican church and it sounds very similar to Newlark's.

Why don't you just go along on Sunday. Do it before the end of term so you can get a more realistic idea. Holiday services are not a good place to judge.

Hopefully you will find plenty of warm and welcoming people.

mariamagdalena Tue 12-Jul-11 20:09:50

I'm really upset that you have been made to feel unwelcome at Mass. Perhaps you should tell the priest he needs to preach on tolerance before others follow in your wake. And then encourage all your still-practising friends to attend every single week (preferably whichever Mass is most popular with the grumps) and, of course to strictly follow the no contraception teaching so they fill up the parish pews with huge, noisy, preferably unruly families grin.

Or of course just find a nicer Catholic parish or see what the local 'evangelical Anglicans' are like.

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