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It looks like both my kittens are going to die :-(

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dejags Tue 21-Jun-05 21:08:07

I don't know where to start. My beautiful Norwegian Forest Kitten is very ill. The vet thinks it's FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) which is fatal. He also think her sister is infected (although she is currently fairly symptom free).

DK1 has had a high temp for 3 weeks now and we haven't been able to find out why. The vet has been giving her meds to reduce the temp and she is fine for a while after each jab, then the temperature just comes back. There is no test for FIP, you just have to exclude other diseases. There is a biopsy but the vet thinks that this is very invasive and expensive. The bottom line is that she is dying . She is only 4.5 months old FFS!

I can't face the prospect of having her put to sleep, I love her. What's almost worse is living on the the timebomb of DK2 - we know she will probably get sick, we just don't know when.

Not a good day

dejags Tue 21-Jun-05 21:11:03

anyone, I am feeling so low about this?

suedonim Tue 21-Jun-05 21:12:48

Nothing of any use to say, Dejags, but for you all.

Angeliz Tue 21-Jun-05 21:13:54

SO sorry to hear that dejags+

anchovies Tue 21-Jun-05 21:14:21

So sorry dejags, what awful news

hunkermunker Tue 21-Jun-05 21:14:49

Oh, sweetheart, I'm so sorry. Haven't got anything useful to say, other than I know how hard it is to lose a pet - be kind to yourself and treasure your beautiful kittens for the time you have left with them (I know you will). Lots of love HM xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

helsi Tue 21-Jun-05 21:14:49

I am so sorry dejags. Not had experience of it myself but have had a few ill but very loved pets myself so I know how you feel.

dejags Tue 21-Jun-05 21:16:03

i can't stop crying so I am going to log-off now.

not the biggest problem in the world and I know there are those out there with real worries.

thanks for your kinds words.

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 21:16:05

Dejags, how simply awful. My mother would not get kittens after her beloved Bimbo died of cat flu (this was 40 years ago, I don't even remember him), we always got our cats as young adults thereafter. And she, like me, was not overly sentimental about animals, just fond of their company.
Poor little kittens and poor you.
I have never heard of this condition. Is it a SA problem in cats?

lilaclotus Tue 21-Jun-05 21:16:25

awww {{hug}} i'm sorry, that's really sad

dejags Tue 21-Jun-05 21:17:52

Thanks Marina, no it's a worldwide thing. All cats get it, in about 7% of cats it mutates and causes inflammation of the blood vessels around mainly the heart and liver.

How am I going to tell DS1?

dinny Tue 21-Jun-05 21:22:35

oh, so sad, Dejags. poor little things.
we lost one of our dear cats, Rosie, just after dd was born. I held her as the vet put her to sleep (but left as he administered the final drug). Honestly, she was so calm and not scared and it was the right thing to do as she was in so much pain (cancer ).
All you can do is be guided by your vet and do what's kindest for the little kitten.
Dinny xx

Marina Tue 21-Jun-05 21:23:22

Oh, that's grim. Are Norwegian Forest cats pedigree? I know some breeds are more prone to developing disorders than others.
I guess you are just going to have to tell him that your dear kittens were very, very unlucky, and that the most loving thing a family can do for a pet who is suffering is to let the vet help them die.
I really do not envy you having to have that conversation, dejags. What wretched luck. Deepest sympathies. There is a lovely book about Mog the cat dying that can be shared with small children, but she lives to a ripe old age and the book works on that basis.

franke Tue 21-Jun-05 21:24:09

Dejags - this is just awful, I'm so sorry. With regards to telling your son, I'd be as truthful as possible (I'm sorry I don't know how old he is). We lost a family pet when I was about 4. Instead of telling me exactly what had happened, my parents just told me he was lost - this was far more traumatic for me than the truth, which they eventually told me. I believe kids can take in the truth about these things (even sensitive ones like I was). I'm thinking of you.

Puff Tue 21-Jun-05 21:50:01

Dejags - I has a Norwegian Forest Cat, they are the most wonderful animals - so sad for you.

My first cat (she came to me from the RSPCA) had FIP and sadly she had to be put to sleep, there was nothing that could be done .

We had another cat at the time, and were very worried that he would succumb to the illness, but he didn't and was fine - I hope it's the same forr your dk2.

RTKangaMummy Tue 21-Jun-05 22:07:47


I don't know what to say

We love our 2 cats too

Sending you cyberhugs {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}}

PoopyNappy Tue 21-Jun-05 23:07:19


Maybe it's worth your kitten being referred to the Royal Veterinary College by your vet.
They're very good and I'm sure they maybe in a better position to find a diagnosis.

My cat who was 15 1/2 (I had her since I was 14)was diagnosed with a nasal tumour which mean't I had to have her put down at a time which was right. She was diagnosed by the vet and by the RVC confirmed the worst. Gemma was like my baby and I really felt like I'd lost a child and a loyal friend. Gemma slept betwen me and DH every night and we both couldn't sleep properly for ages as we both missed her even though she hogged the bed! (crying as I write this). So I know how you feel.

I wanted to find my Cats Veterinary Notes book to give u more info but I can't find it at the moment but I'll have a look and see if it says anymore about the 'possible' disease right, cos it's not definate.

I'd get referred to the RVC asap. I hope you're insured.

Good Luck

CountessDracula Tue 21-Jun-05 23:12:56

Oh dejags I can't imagine how you must feel

Please if you are in reach of London call our vet Richard Bleckman at Roehampton Vet. clinic, SW15. He is vet surgeon, chinese herbalist, homeopath etc and cured out dog of cancer (and incontinence when every other vet said no hope of going through life without massive amounts of hormones) and seems to work wonders for a lot of animals. I have never met a vet like him.

I'm sure he could help you out.

CountessDracula Tue 21-Jun-05 23:14:14

Really, do CAT me if you want more info.

PoopyNappy Tue 21-Jun-05 23:17:50

Thought this link was useful about the disease. not much comfort. Sounds like it could have originated from the breeder if that's what it is....

Marina Thu 23-Jun-05 12:48:31

CD, Dejags is 1000s of miles away but your vet contact sounds like one for the Dodo Address Book (have friends and family with treasured kitties).
Dejags, how are you today?

CountessDracula Thu 23-Jun-05 13:39:06

oh no Maybe he could do a telephone consultation?

smellymelly Thu 23-Jun-05 14:01:31

My cat had FIP many years ago, and it was incredibly sad but she was ok for at least 6 months after diagnosis, and I was able to say my goodbyes in that time. She didn't suffer in that time, and even got stuck right at the top of a tree while she was ill.

When it was bad, I had to get her put to sleep, and it was really hard, but I'm glad I had time to get used to it.

A couple of years ago I had a 6 month old kitten killed on my road right outside my house, (it is only supposed to be a 30mph limit) and she died on her own as I didn't know till someone knocked on my door, probably only a very short time after it happened.

BTW - I had 3 other cats of my own at the time, and many others in the neighbourhood and none of them got it, so hopefully yours might not either.

suzi2 Sat 25-Jun-05 21:47:49

My mum dealt with quite a few cases of FIP when she worked for the Cats Protection - so I've called her for advice...

There isn't a test for FIP as such, but there is a test for it's preliminary virus FCoV. Basically, many cats carry FCoV and not all of them develop into FIP. But I believe it's impossible to get FIP without having the FCoV virus first. It's likely both your cats will have the FCoV virus if one has it - but that doesn't mean both (or any) will get full blown FIP. Stress can trigger FIP in a FCoV cat so try and keep your other wee ones life stress free with little change to her environment.

She has forwarded me a link to the Cats Protection advice leaflet on it.

She suggests that you find out if your kitten is carrying the FCoV virus as a starting point - if she is not carrying the virus, it's probably not FIP.

Good luck - I hope you get a positive outcome and it's not FIP.

Sus, x

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