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...yet another new tax... this time on animals kept as pets this time....

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Eve Fri 30-Oct-09 11:28:36

OK .. subject line is only to get attention.

Following the bird flu outbreak our money grabbing , tax them to death govt, want to raise funds in case of another outbreak of illness passed from animals to humans.

So .. what sector are they targeting, horse owners!!! yes thats right.. we are all so wealthy as it is with lots of spare cash floating around.

jsut blatent targeting of a sector they think they can get away with. try taxing dogs or cats.. oh no!

Lets go for the horse owners eveyone hates them they clog up the roads... uhhh... not as much as cyclists, and do we tax them or caravans! No.

they are all wealthy, hunt loving horray henrys, posh and stuck up... well.lets not hold back on the prejudice on that one. (as per lush thread). icle

frostyfingers Sun 01-Nov-09 12:00:11

I know - I have one oldish horse and 1 pony as companion and all we do is potter about fields locally. Mine live out and I get by as cheaply as I can, but the thought of £100 each as mentioned in press this week fills me with horror.

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