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I wonder if you can get guinea pig's boots?

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FABIsInTraining Sun 18-Oct-09 11:20:00

I just went to put them out to play and it is so wet on the lawn. Mind you, when I do put them out to play they spend most of the time hiding in their cabin.

BrigitGraveKnicker Sun 18-Oct-09 11:33:39

Misread your title- thought you meant boots made from guinea pigs!

DO guinea pigs in the wild not go out on wet grass? Why would they need boots?

Pyrocanthus Sun 18-Oct-09 12:02:05

You'd need boots for their tummies as well as they're so low slung.

Many people do put their pigs out on wet grass to no ill effect, but I'm a bit cautious about it unless it's a sunny morning and drying up. The books on gp care don't recommend it. I suppose the ideal situation is one in which the run is attached to the hutch and they can choose whether to get their paws wet and how long for.

They're not wild, they're many generations from wild, and in the wild the ones which are a bit less robust or more prone to respiratory diseases (which gps are inclined to) will presumably keel over and be replaced by tougher models. It's all a bit less Darwinian in a domestic setting, and when you keep them as pets you're more interested in the survival of individuals than of the species in general.

SlartyBartFast Sun 18-Oct-09 12:05:07

i often put a newspaper down, so they can sit on that if they dont want to get wet.

Pyrocanthus Sun 18-Oct-09 12:06:47

That's a good idea, SBF, or a cardboard box on its side.

silver73 Sun 18-Oct-09 12:06:56

I think you need to read some info about keeping guinea pigs putting them on damp grass will make them cold and miserable and could kill them. They are not hardy creatures.

I spent 1 minute on google and came up with this. Before you get a pet you should research what their needs are instead of relying on mumsnet.

"Wet or damp grass is hazardous to guinea pigs."

silver73 Sun 18-Oct-09 12:09:19

And before I get shot down for posting this. My gp has a cyst and I asked about it on mumsnet after doing extensive research and merely wanted to know if anyone has had a gp with a cyst.

SlartyBartFast Sun 18-Oct-09 12:13:23

you have a point, mn is just other parents opinion, you must take that into consideration.

123andaway Sun 18-Oct-09 15:42:45

Silver I think that was a bit harsh! No one here is jumping into pet ownership without research or 'relying on mumsnet' as a substitute to taking proper advice. We're a group of caring pet owners who enjoy sharing ideas, advice and stories. I for one have loved hearing about FAB and her GP's!

Pyrocanthus Sun 18-Oct-09 22:01:06

You do have to be careful about taking your advice from any internet source unless you're sure it's reliable - I've seen a website saying that gps should be kept indoors at all times at temps of no less than 20 degrees c - with the central heating on at night in the winter. I don't look after my children that well.

That's not a comment on silver's link, just a general observation on the random nonsense you can find online (not here, obviously).

One thing silver - the op didn't ask for advice about whether to put her pigs out - she was just expressing frustration that she couldn't. Brigit's question was perfectly valid, and my comment about putting them out in the sun can be backed up by reliable sources, including our vet.

Who annoyed you so much?

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