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fleas and Anaphylactic Shock. please help advice needed

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juicychops Thu 20-Aug-09 19:38:30

have got many pet threads about my new flea infested cats

i happened to mention to my next door neighbour today i have 2 new cats and they both as well as my other one all have fleas.
i told her my ds has been bitten everywhere and i have now been bitten twice

a while later she called me into the garden and told me that her daughter has an anaphylactic shock from a flea bite and was rushed to a&e and nearly died.
she said she's concerned about me ds being bitten so much and my house being infested and i had to tell her everything im doing to try and rid the house of the fleas.

i AM doing everything possible. im hoovering lots - which she said i shouldn't do cos it makes the egs hatch, but i said well if the eggs are hatching then i need to hoover again to get the hatched fleas.

she also kept going on about takin the cats to the vets which im doing tomorrow as it was the earliest i could get an appointment

im now worried about my ds developing an alergy. is this possible? he as spots everywhere - at least prob 40 odd.

have i done the wrong thing getting these other 2 cats? cos now im starting to think i have. i defo would of reconsidered if i knew they were covered in fleas. but now i have them i dont want them to go. i just wish their fleas would!!

please help im at my wits end with the fleas!!!

could ds suddenly react?

monkeypinkmonkey Thu 20-Aug-09 19:55:18

How long have you had kittens? How old are they? One you have been to the vets for flea treatment the fleas will go after 24-36 hours. Have you powdered and sprayed the house? As for your neighbours dd is she sure it was a flea? was she in your house to get bitten? Hope she is ok.

OnlyWantsOneDoesntLikeDM Thu 20-Aug-09 19:59:10

get the local council out - i had an infestation, spent 150 trying to get rid of them - in the end I just got the council out, and all gone within 2 hours

anonymumandlikeit Thu 20-Aug-09 20:01:54

I would get some frontline from the vets.Even though mine are regularly de fleaed apparently according to vet they are rife atm because of the weather.I have got some spray from the vets called "Acclaim".At £17 a can it isnt cheap but it is effective.Also keep up the regular hoovering and airing.Am trying to keep my cats outside atm.

juicychops Thu 20-Aug-09 20:14:42

they are cats i got from a woman who didn't want them anymore. ot them on sunday. they are 10months old dont think they have ever been given flea treatment by the look of them.

went to the council today and they dont deal with fleas anymore so i would have to go private which i just cant afford.

it wasn't at my house that my neighbour was bitten, it was at another person's house and she got bitten a few times in one day

will be going to the vets tomorrow so will see what they suggest. im really hoping the flea treatment i get from them will do the job. at the moment ive shut them in the kitchen cos ive powdered, hoovered and sprayed the rest of the house. ive also put flea powder on them as been waiting for the vets appointment before using anything stronger

so will my ds be ok then??

monkeypinkmonkey Thu 20-Aug-09 20:23:23

It depends on your daughter if she will be ok, has she suffered from anaphylactic shock before then I'd say it's prob more likely. Iv'e always been the type of person to be bitten by anything and fleas got me also but not a bad reaction.
Sounds like your'e containing them well. Sympathies just been given a 12 week kitten covered in the buggers, but now under control thankfully.

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