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Guinea pigs in the winter

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We bought 2 guinea pigs the other week and have a big hutch for them as well as a run where they spend most of the day.

Currently with the bad weather the inside of the front of their hutch behind the wire section is getting wet. The sleeping section is fine as its solid wood there. I'm going to get a waterproof cover for the hutch for a bit of weather protection.

I see there's also some sort of hutch hugger/insulator contraption you can buy to go under the waterproof cover. I have got an old brick outbuilding the hutch can go inside in the winter. Will they be warm enough in there with lots of hay? Or do I need to get the hutch hugger as well?

They can't come in the house because of the dog. What go other people do with guinea pigs in the winter? I'm sure when I was a kid people I knew who had them just kept them outside all year round.

pointydog Thu 30-Jul-09 16:54:28

dh knows of pals' guinea pigs that dies outside in winter.

I've never had them but I do like guinea pigs. I'd make them as cosy as I could.

PortBlacksandResident Thu 30-Jul-09 17:06:33

We bring ours into the conservatory - mmmm comfy grin

moshie Thu 30-Jul-09 18:44:26

You don't have to buy an expensive cover to insulate the hutch in winter if it's in an outhouse because it doesn't need to be waterproof. I used to use an old sleeping bag, but newspaper and blankets would be ok.
I've found that extending the overhang of the roof with plyboard stops the rain getting into the front of the hutch.

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