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The cat is driving me demented.

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Besom Mon 27-Jul-09 06:36:15

11 year old moggy has been unsettled since we moved house and had a baby 14 months ago.

DD is finally sleeping until a reasonable hour but the cat, who sleeps on the end of our bed, is still waking me up (5.20 this morning) and it's really, really getting me down. I shoo her away but she just keeps pestering me. She never used to do this before dd - just waited until whenever I got up. This morning she was yowling outside dd's bedroom also.

I have even been wondering if there's any way I can get rid of her. There are no options for this that I would be happy with that I can think of.

I feel sorry for her because she doesn't get anywhere near the same attention she used to and this is no doubt part of the problem.

There are no parts of the house I can lock her in at night that we can't still hear her yowling.

Any advice, or am I just going to have to resign myself to getting up at 5am and developing murderous feelings towards the poor cat?

CaptainUnderpants Mon 27-Jul-09 06:52:59

My elderly cat (18) started doing this once our other cat died. She stands by my bed and meows cosnatntly around this time , I finally give in and get up and feed her , then she settles down . Like yours she always waited until we got up in the morning.

Does your cat need feeding at that time ? Are you able to put some extra food down before you go to bed ?

I do think it's all a sign of them being unsettled but unfortuantely have no other advice except for the above but I do understand where you are coming from .

Good luck smile

Joolsiam Mon 27-Jul-09 07:22:27

If hunger levels have increased, the cat is clingy and starts meowing out of character, it can be a sign of thyroid issues in elderly cats - it certainly was for mine and he ended up on a daily tablet for years - not expensive and transformed his life and our relationship. Definitely worth a vet check and blood test.

Besom Mon 27-Jul-09 07:27:30

Thanks for replies. I will try putting more food down.

She has started eating more recently. She is due a trip to the vets for vaccinations so I will get that checked out. Thanks.

PrincessToadstool Mon 27-Jul-09 07:45:11

Our cats would wake us at 4 to be fed if they could. We lock them in the kitchen (with cat flap so they're not shut indoors) - could hear them scratching around at 4-5 for a fair while but finally they've got the message.

I just refuse to be woken by a cat after months of sleep-deprivation due to DS.

Put more food down, and lock her out of your room. She will get the message in time.

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