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Should i consider having her put to sleep or is that awful??

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6inchnipples Sun 19-Jul-09 08:27:39

I have a great dane (8) and a mongrel (15)

I feel both are quite elderly now.

The great dane has recently become quite incontinent and i often wake up to her bed being full of poo.

For the last 4 years the great dane has been unpredictable with other dogs and so is never trusted off the lead with any dog except our other one and mostly this is fine except when caught unawares. I find this quite stressful as both dogs socialised from young age and completely fine until 4 years ago (coincides with first child being born which i think could be related) when the dane started pinning down other dogs [not nice emoticon]

So recently she is becoming increasingly incontinent, coupled with her aggression to other dogs (never to humans, she is utterly most placid dog in world with humans, kids can lie on top of her) which means she can't travel in car (having shit it a few times dp just not willing to deal with that and 3 under 5) so both dogs left behind with dog walker when we go on holiday.

Ok (gettting to the point eventually) i feel really sorry for her BUT even more sorry for the mongrel who is just the best dog ever. I rescued her from dog pound when just about a year old and she i ssuch a loyal faithful little dog. I really feel her time is limited and its being curbed by the dane. If it were just her she could come on holiday, enjoy nice walks off the lead on the beach, be spoiled a bit.

I feel its unfair to take her and leave the other behind but i also think its so sad that she suffers due to the danes problems.

please can i have your thoughts on what you'd do.

differentID Sun 19-Jul-09 08:47:31

It sounds like your dane needs to be an only dog. I would speak to a pet behaviourist to be honest who may ask you to consider rehoming her- and when you go away, take the little dog with you. She must get so stressed out as well.

bobblehat Sun 19-Jul-09 08:53:05

I've never had dogs, but a friend of mine is a breeder and has over 8 dogs of her own. She sees no problem in treating her dogs differently - some are pets that live in the house, others are working dogs (spaniels and labs that she uses for gun dogs/beating). I asked her about it once and she laughed at me and told me I was thinking about them as if they were children - dogs are pack animals and in the pack there is a pecking order. Therefore there is no problem not treating them the same.

That said, I guess the one left may get lonely so maybe kennels might be an idea when you're away.

6inchnipples Sun 19-Jul-09 08:57:32

i wouldn't consider rehoming as she is at the end of her life span. 8 is old for a dane. i also would feel i was passing my problems to someone else who knows her less well. i have had her from 6 weeks old and i do love her very much. i am just wondering when is it time. Is incontinence something people deal with for years? If it were the mongrel it'd be less of a big deal but cleaning up dane poo is like having a cow live in the house.

newpup Sun 19-Jul-09 09:21:15

What does your vet say? Is it something medication could help with or just a sign of old age. I would not rehome either.

You definately could take out your other dog on her own for the type of walk she enjoys. It does seem unfair for her to miss out.

I would consult my vet for their opinion if I were you.

Good Luck.

6inchnipples Sun 19-Jul-09 09:33:57

i have spoken to the vet. routine was what was suggested and that is how we manage things anyway.

It does help with the problem of incontinence but not quality of life for the little dog.

Thanks for replies smile

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