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I am very fed up as my blind diabetic guinea pig's sister has now started going blind

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MrsDoylesBoyle Sat 21-Feb-09 18:27:18

Every bloody pet i have ends up ill and i dote on them too.

foxinsocks Sat 21-Feb-09 18:28:37

oh dear

sounds like it runs in the family

MrsDoylesBoyle Sat 21-Feb-09 18:34:28

They are such lovely piggies as well.
Mind you the vet did say with regard to the first one that as long as she wasn't bullied by the other one and gets enough to drink she should be able to live perfectly ok.
I just feel like i have such bad luck with pets and yet i look after them so well.

foxinsocks Sat 21-Feb-09 18:35:29

where do you get them from? maybe you need to try a new guinea pig dealer

DontlookatmeImshy Sat 21-Feb-09 18:40:25

It's not bad luck for the quineas though. At least they are with someone who does dote on them and gives them the care the need.
Not all guineas would be that fortunate.

Hassled Sat 21-Feb-09 18:43:49

How can you tell if a Guinea Pig is diabetic? Or indeed blind?

RubyRioja Sat 21-Feb-09 18:44:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsDoylesBoyle Sat 21-Feb-09 21:04:54

We got ours about 16 months ago from a Pets at home shop.

Hassled-The one guinea has had chronic wet bottom and was been treated on/off for uti's etc.Then in the space of a week her eyes went completely white (cataracts)The vets said it was cataract but i questioned it because it doesn't usually come on so quickly.Anyway i did a bit of online research and came across an article which listed those exact 2 symptoms as being diabetes.I asked the vet for a glucose test on the guineas urine and yes indeed it was off the scale for glucose.The vet had only come across 1 in his 30 year career.

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