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horse vaccinations?

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mysterymoniker Fri 09-Jan-09 09:42:48

other than flu and tetanus, would you vaccinate a gelding against anything else?

PuzzleRocks Fri 09-Jan-09 16:01:04

Bumping for you.

Pixel Fri 09-Jan-09 20:39:22

We never have, but I've been wondering about the new strangles vaccine. We have been lucky so far as we are quite isolated and no-one from our place goes to shows etc, but there have been outbreaks very near us in the past couple of years. One of the farms has about 80 horses and they were all in quarantine for the whole summer as every time they thought they'd beat it, another one got symptoms. If I was at a place like that I'd be asking my vet about the vaccine, how effective it is etc.

Pixel Fri 09-Jan-09 20:42:20

Actually, forget all that, I've just found this. I remember reading about a strangles vaccine but the fact that it had been withdrawn completely passed me by.

Oh well, flu and tetanus then, as far as I know. Sorry blush.

cazboldy Fri 09-Jan-09 20:43:43

I can't think of anything else

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