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If you have your horse micro-chipped, is it freeze-branded as well?

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Pixel Mon 27-Oct-08 16:58:31

Our horse is being chipped on Wednesday. There was no such thing when we had our first lot of horses so this is a new thing for us. The only thing is, I'm wondering how much of a deterrent it really is to a horse thief who will surely not scan the animal before he decides whether or not to steal ithmm. I've heard (can't remember where) that if you have a little horseshoe freezemarked on it shows that the horse has a microchip. Have I got this right? I've never seen it but then presumably it would be under the saddle so wouldn't be obvious when ridden which is the only time I tend to see other peoples' horses.

Ebb Tue 28-Oct-08 09:18:17

My horse was already freeze marked when I got him so didn't bother getting him chipped. Did find this article from H&H. It has a picture of a horse shoe so am assuming you would need to ask whoever is microchipping your horse if they can do it or how to get it done.

Ebb Tue 28-Oct-08 09:18:55

Sorry here.

bella29 Tue 28-Oct-08 09:23:25

Freezemarks can be done on the shoulder instead, which is a much better deterrent.

Never had a horse microchipped though, sorry!

bella29 Tue 28-Oct-08 09:24:48

Oh, and just remembered - the freeze marking companies can supply notices to put on your gates, patches for rugs etc., which all say these horses are freezemarked,etc.

Pixel Wed 29-Oct-08 19:56:52

Thank you for your replies, I've read the link and there is a picture of a freezemarked horseshoe so although they don't say so I assume it means the horse is chipped. My sister works for a veterinary hospital, albeit small animals, so she was able to obtain the microchips and necessary paperwork at a much reduced price and our lovely (gorgeous actually-swoonblush) horse vet put them in for free while he was doing flu/tetanus jabs. We'll have to arrange the freezemarks separately if we decide to have them.
Btw, that article isn't totally correct where it states that the chip can migrate. Having spoken to our vet today he assures us that although that is frequently the case with dogs and cats, it never happens with horses because it is injected into the muscle on the crest which is very hard, being strong enough to hold a horse's head up.
We will get some of the signs for the fences to hopefully ward off any dodgy types (our horse has already narrowly missed being stolen by travellers)but we were given some metal tags to put on tack, rugs etc to say "scan me" in case he strays.

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