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Anyone know any rabbit breeders in Hampshire/Surrey/Berkshire area ?

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scatterbrain Fri 26-Sep-08 09:25:09

DD's getting a bunny - or maybe two - for her birthday and I keep reading horror stories about Pets at Home ! Would love to get her two sisters - she wants lop eared ones.

Can anyone recommend anyone ?

I looked at rehomed bunnies but read that we would have to ave home visit and hutch would have to be 5ft - so felt a little offput !h


southeastastra Fri 26-Sep-08 09:40:21

you have to get sisters neutered mine fought alot and i had to separate them, yes avoid pets at home

have you googled for local breeders?

allgonebellyup Fri 26-Sep-08 09:49:57

ooh we got our guinea pig from Pets at Home, dd was desperate for a female. We got 3 different staff there to check the one we had chosen was a girl.They were all dead certain she was female.

Six weeks later, dd is giving guinea pig a bath when she shouts at me " Mum! Molly has got balls and a big red pointy willy!!!"

grin grin

scatterbrain Fri 26-Sep-08 09:52:49

Yes I have googled for many hours now and am no closer to finding one ! Was hoping for a recommendation from someone who actually knew of one !

Ahhh - that's what everyone's been saying - Pets at Home can't sex an animal right so you end up with the wrong sort and if you buy two rabbits you get more than you bargained for - which I guess could be considered added value - but is in reality a pain

nannyL Fri 26-Sep-08 19:15:53

what about rescue centre... there are loads and loads of lovely rabbits in desperate need for a home

RSPCA stubbington or google rabbit rescues and there are loads

scatterbrain Fri 26-Sep-08 22:14:32

Yes I spoke to RSPCA rescue centre - but they made it such a palaver - home visits and dictate what hutch you have to have etc that it all became too much. However am now in touch with one that is not so dictatorial!

nannyL Sat 27-Sep-08 21:46:50

RSPCA centres are so rediculouse when it comes to homing animals... they are the 1st that people think of but its often the smaller animal rescues, that need homes and arnt so rediculouse about where they are home

A freind of my old boss...
multi- millionairres.... huge GORGOUSE house right in the middle of the country side with lovely big garden, track at least a mile long to even reach a real road, SAH mum, dad who mostly worked from home.... 2 teenage boys, were not allowed to rescue a dog shock...
their garden didnt fit the criteria hmm

Luckily local dog rescue let them have a lovely lovely dog grin

scatterbrain Sun 28-Sep-08 12:36:38

Thank goodness for that - spent hours trawling the net yesterday and finally found a tiny little advert for a hobby breeder local to me and we have just been and chosen two gorgeous bunnies! Going to collect them next Sunday. I am so excited - never mind dd!!

Did I say that the local rescue place were really "off" when I called them - said 8 was too young for dd to be responsible for a rabbit and that I couldn't specify what we wanted (dd wants mini lops)- so sadly we will not be rescuing bunnies this time.

petmad Tue 15-Mar-16 20:54:05

the local rescue are only looking out for their rabbits welfare its not a palaver as there are lots of unwanted rabbits a 5ft hutch is a must unless you have a secure garden they need to free roam weather permiiting a hutch is not enough also i would have to agree with them on the age thing aswell as the majority of children pester their parents relentlessley for a bunny. these parents give in and what happens the children lose interest and so dose everybody else so i do side with rescue centres their funds pot isnt continuesly full so they rely hevely on donations

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