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Thinking of getting a dog - ds is 3.5 - should we try the rescue centres or classifieds?

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OracleInaCoracle Tue 29-Jul-08 23:00:56

thats it really. we would like to get a small(ish) dog. we had a border collie until ds was 1 but she sadly died. we said at the time that we wouldn't get another dog, but now feel that ds would enjoy having one arond (and so would we). bess was inherited, but we have been looking at rescue centres etc, but dont know whether we ould be better off scouring classifieds, any advice?

CissyCharlton Tue 29-Jul-08 23:04:13

Try googling dog rescue pages. They have dogs from reputable rescue centres covering the whole country. Don't touch classifieds.

OracleInaCoracle Tue 29-Jul-08 23:09:07

thanks. we have a few near us, and will drag persuade dh to take a look this weekend!

hatwoman Tue 29-Jul-08 23:23:16

I agree re not going to classifieds. a good rescue centre you can trust to have done health checks, vaccinations, and to have made reasonable efforts to get info about history, temperament etc. Kennel Club advice here

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 07:56:38

thank you. mentioned it to ds this morning, he is very excited!!

kslatts Wed 30-Jul-08 08:07:27

Good luck in finding your dog, be prepared to wait a while for your ideal dog to become available, whenever I've visited rescue centres the majority of dogs are not suitable for young children. Not sure which breed you are interested in, but I've heard greyhounds can make good family pets and there are lots of ex-racing dogs looking for homes.

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:13:16

ikwym the majority of dogs not being suitable. ds and i have been browsing and have fallen in love with him shall ring the centre today and ask to go down!

SqueakyPop Wed 30-Jul-08 08:18:59

We got our dog directly from the breeder.

PortAndLemon Wed 30-Jul-08 08:21:27

A good rescue centre will only let you have a dog if it's suitable for your family (including being good with young children). A typical classified ad won't.

Craig sounds ideal, if he hasn't been snaffled up already.

Look at lots of dogs and do not make a snap decision. Don't touch classified! I absolutely wholeheartedly second the advice to look at rehoming a greyhound. They are wonderful, lazy, gentle, tolerant dogs and as a rule make really superb pets. Another massive benefit is that loads of the greyhound rescue organisations care for the dogs in foster homes rather than kennels so the rescue can often confirm from their own experiences that the dog is fine with kids, other pets, has no obvious behavioural issues etc. Also please, please get pet insurance

sophiewd Wed 30-Jul-08 08:30:58

He sounds perfect. Good Luck.

Agree with others, either use a breeder (but check out the home and the parents) or a rescue center as they check whether dogs are suitable.

PortAndLemon Wed 30-Jul-08 08:32:23

You need the right kind of garden for a greyhound, though.

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:33:11

thank you all. im really excited and want to go and get dh NOW!

Right kind of garden? hmm

You need decent fencing for any kind of dog. Obviously a bigger dog which jumps will need bigger fencing. IME most greyhounds don't jump, but any dog will need a dog-proof garden anyway. Is that what you meant?

eenybeeny Wed 30-Jul-08 08:38:45

he looks LOVELY but am I the only one who thinks Craig is a strange name for a dog? grin Its like... William. Or Robert. They just sound like human names!

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:40:00

our house is a smallish 2 bed terrace so cant really have a big dog. however, it is very secure and we live vv close to a large park

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:40:50

lol eeny, thats just what dh said!!

Also try here and their forum

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:45:14

theres also this fella (henry - 5th down) i think that a terrier cross would be best for us sizewise

WorzselMummage Wed 30-Jul-08 08:46:16

Lissie He's LUSH !

Eeny, My Dogs called HUGO grin

OracleInaCoracle Wed 30-Jul-08 08:46:18

oooh, thank you!

Wags Wed 30-Jul-08 08:47:21

Ah bless, he looks a lovely little fella. Do they know why he is being re-homed? Try and spend as much time with him at the dog home. Maybe ask if you and especially DS could accompany him when he goes on a walk. I am guessing that they have people at the home that take them out for walks. Then you can get to see what he is like off a lead and perhaps play with him, throw a few toys, see what he is like at coming back all that sort of stuff. Jack Russell/terrier types do need a lot of walks so don't be fooled by their small size. I think Craig is a fab name smile

PortAndLemon Wed 30-Jul-08 08:47:39

I can't remember the details; I had a friend who managed a greyhound rescue centre (she also had two rescue greyhounds herself) and I remember her saying that that was one of the things they needed to check before rehoming a greyhound. I think it was to do with size of garden (postage stamp not good for greyhounds, although you don't need a sumptuous baronial estate) as well as type of fencing.

Most gardens near me are distinctly postage-stampy. And not even the nice illustrated stamps, just the teeny tiny ones that say "1st" or "2nd"... grin

sophiewd Wed 30-Jul-08 08:48:48

We got our dog from Dog Rescue Pages 4 years ago and he is lovely, this was pre children and he has adapted very well.

grin PortandLemon

Can you tell I'm a huge greyhound fan grin

I think Henry and Craig are both lovely, and I think the names are cute. You need to meet a few and see what you think.

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