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Dalmation needing new home - any ideas?

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hertsnessex Thu 04-Oct-07 11:30:46

My sister has the most gorgeous Dalmation, he is liver spotted and a 2year old neutered male.

Great with kids - extremley tolerant of my little monkeys!

she is returning to work and doing a uni course and after lots of soul searching she needs to let him go as she is not going to be around enough for him.

He loves lots of walks and being outside, but also needs lots of love and attention.

She wants him to go to a fab home, and does not want to just 'sell' him on. We have emailed the breeder, but had nothing back yet. What shall we do next?



throckenholt Thu 04-Oct-07 11:32:22

I would ring the breeder - not everyone does email very well.

hertsnessex Thu 04-Oct-07 11:34:54

my brother in law has tired and we have been on their website, but he must be ringing when they are out. i will def get him to try again later.

NutterlybloodandgUts Thu 04-Oct-07 11:36:09

Dalmation rescue? I don't know if one exsists but I believe one does

vacua Thu 04-Oct-07 11:36:39

dalmatian rescue

Charlee Thu 04-Oct-07 11:37:24

Could you advertise in local paper then sort of interview potential rehomers?

Or ask if you could do homevisits to thoses who come forward?

FWIW i would love a Dalmation if i could afford one, so i am sure some one will come forward to rehome him.

vacua Thu 04-Oct-07 11:37:30

also try dogpages

vacua Thu 04-Oct-07 11:38:25

sorry: this link works

hertsnessex Thu 04-Oct-07 11:44:07

thanks for the links. will have a look at dalmation rescue - but would rather rehome home2home. she is not looking to sell him if that makes sense, just find the right family, its certainly not about £££ you can get for them.

vacua Thu 04-Oct-07 11:54:24

Am sure you can do it that way, there will be waiting lists of lovely, fully vetted homes that these rescue coordinators can hook you up with. Best of luck x

Charlee Thu 04-Oct-07 11:55:09

Where are you?

hertsnessex Thu 04-Oct-07 12:32:05

Thanks Vacua, will speak to my sister about this later.

My sister lives in Essex, Near stansted Airport.

Charlee Thu 04-Oct-07 12:33:34

Oh i would have him in a second if i were nearer. Dalmations are my favorite breed but like i say i can't afford over £300 for a puppy.
I am in West Sussex so no chance of me getting down to her. sad

Hope it works out well for the poor chap. smile

vacua Thu 04-Oct-07 14:14:01

I'm not too far away in Suffolk, let me know if I can help in any way.

sunnylabsmum Thu 04-Oct-07 15:35:28

I think that theres a breeder near Manningtree who also does dalmatian rescue.. think it was on dogpages. Hope this helps. We got our dog from Lab rescue and have she's just moved with us to Cyprus- a BA pro now I think!! Good luck

hertsnessex Thu 04-Oct-07 20:15:09

many thanks everyone, the breeder has replied and is advertising him on her website for my sister, hopefully he will have a new home very soon.

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