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Kitten help needed..

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Boredveryverybored Thu 04-Oct-07 00:20:33

I have an 11 week old kitten. I was worried about her when we first got her because she hardly seemed to drink at all, although she was eating fine and otherwise ok so I left it and kept an eye on her and she soon settled and all was ok.
But tonight she seems to have done nothing but drink water, she's gone through two full bowls of water since this afternoon, she eats wet food so I know she shouldn't need this much water.
Am going to get in touch with vet tommorow but was wondering if anyone has any idea if this could be something seriously worrying?
She seems otherwise ok, lively etc.

Any ideas?

orkmum Thu 04-Oct-07 09:22:25

kidney problems?

nailpolish Thu 04-Oct-07 09:26:53

what kind of food are yu giving her? some are quite salty

Boredveryverybored Thu 04-Oct-07 19:20:31

Thanks all. sorry han't been on all day so missed replies!
She's on whiskers kitten food NP, I didn't realise some were salty. But then we have had her a few weeks and this is the first time she's done this.
I called the vet this morning and he's happy to wait and see her at app we already have for her next week.
He told me to keep an eye on her and if she's straining to pee and or there's blood in it to ring back and get her in.
She seems otherwise fine, eating normally, no vomiting,running around like a wild thing! lol
So am not too worried now

catinthehat Thu 04-Oct-07 19:24:35

have you got a water softener that uses salt - if so,make sure her water is out of the fresh tap (ie non salty).

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