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Why does my nursing cat smell?

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37eeyore Sun 30-Sep-07 16:17:03

My cat had six kittens four weeks ago. She is a very good mum and seems to enjoy feeding them. Recently she seems to be letting herself go a bit. She has a general smell about her and seems to suffer from bad wind. She always has food available but constantly badgers us for food and has taken to scavenging. Is this just something that happens and will it go away when the kittens leave home?

NAB3 Sun 30-Sep-07 16:33:31

Busy looking after her babies and not herself?

37eeyore Sun 30-Sep-07 16:35:18

What about the wind problem? Is that a diet problem?

NAB3 Sun 30-Sep-07 16:35:40

don't know. has she been eating different things?

37eeyore Sun 30-Sep-07 16:39:19

Not to my knowledge. She does go out but I doubt if she gets food anywhere else. She does pester me for food a lot, even though she always has food available. I wondered if there was something lacking in her diet.

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