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Why oh why did I take on a cat??

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Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 12:30:43

Not only does he hiss at the children everytime they so much as look at him, but went to pick up my mail by my front door, and have got a handful of shiet!!angry

Not sure that me & pets go together!

wildpatch Wed 26-Sep-07 12:31:37

get rid of him.
take him to the rspcc and say you cant cope

ConnorTraceptive Wed 26-Sep-07 12:32:46

Reminds me of the time our cat shit behind the lounge door so when you opened the door it smeared all across the carpet.

Peachy Wed 26-Sep-07 12:37:24

Aw how long have you ahd him?

FWIW our cat used to pee whenever wnyone even approached him (abused little thing, was 11 weeks when we got him and had just ahd tail and a leg removed, also ahd a broken jaw) and now he's the most loving creature imaginable.

But if you can't cope, firmly believe earlier your ehome him the better tbh.

I often prefer independent animal sanctuaries personally, but are you in Ireland? (or am I imaginbing it?) as I don't know the system there- vet will be able to tell you though

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 12:37:49

Ewww, that's not good, CT!

This is the second time he has messed by the front door.
Last week, just as I was about to leave the house (already running late for school), DS1 lifted his foot up to reveal it all stuck to his shoe!!
I didn't have time to deal with it before work, so threw his shoes into the front garden, replaced them with last years shoes (half a size smaller), and had to deal with shoes & carpet when I got home! Not good!

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 12:42:51

No I'm not in Ireland, Peachy.

He was originally a rescue cat that my uncle got for my nan, but she passed away in July, so I thought it would be doing nan one last favour to take the cat for her. (I had been avoiding pets until then!)

He seems to have settled in the house quite well, and is quite happy around me, but hisses & spits when the boys get near him.

This messing in the house has happened twice now, and is not good!

lou33 Wed 26-Sep-07 12:45:39

oh tell me about it

i took in an abandoned kitten under pester power, this time last year

he is actually really sweet tempered but is a total fleabag, and is also having an allergic reaction to the bites, so 33 quid at the vet the other day, plus his annual booster jabs are due in 2 weeks, which is another 40 quid i think

he has only once used my house to shit in tho, and he did it in hte bath as a kitten, then helpfully covered it with a towel hmm

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 12:49:21

This one is a flea bag too, and he never seems to stop wanting food, so I have a feeling he has worms too!

Got a vets appointment for him tomorrow, which will no doubt cost a small fortune!

Brangelina Wed 26-Sep-07 12:53:12

The poor creature's probably feeling insecure, what with him being a rescue cat then losing his new owner. He's probably afraid of your DCs, hence the hissing, and the pooing in the wrong place is another sign of anxiety. Does he have a quiet corner to himself where no one will bother him? With some cats, you have to leave them be and wait till they come to you. Also, if he was used to being with an elderly persion he might find the extra noise and bustle a bit much atm. He'll probably settle in with time and a bit of patience.

Re the poo, does he use a litter tray or does he normally go outside? I once had a similar pooing problem from one of mine who was use to going outside but in my flat he had to use a tray. He used to poo by the front door to indicate he wanted to go out.

prettybird Wed 26-Sep-07 12:57:00

The other problem you have is that once the smell is in a certain place, then it attracts them back there. I think as well normal cleaning products don't cover the smell. I seem to remember that wiping the area with vinegar helps discourage them.

Ask the vet for advice when you see him/her.

Washersaurus Wed 26-Sep-07 13:08:08

I can highly recommend 'Wash and Get Off' Spray.

I rehomed a lovely cat from the RSPCA that also liked to pee and poo everywhere (we had to replace a double bed and 2 feather duvets)and replace carpet. She settled down eventually and we have had no problems with her since.

She was a bag of nerves after being found locked in a shed and obviously she hadn't enjoyed the cattery experience, but the messing everywhere didn't start until she had been with us for a few weeks and had seemed really settled.

These days she doesn't like my baby boys very much and tends to stay out of the house as much as possible. We do provide a cat litter tray (as my other cat is an indoor cat) - I think this helped her.

See the thread I started about my OTHER cat though - what a nightmare!

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 13:12:19

I know the little cat will be still feeling unsettled, and I am trying my best, but the pooing (especially when I got a handful!) is a bit of a nightmare!

I do worry that the cat will never get used to the boys too.
My DS's are too scared to even walk past the cat atm.

I have thrown my mat out in the garden, and scrubbed it with dettol, hoping that will get rid of the smell.

Will seek advice at the vets tomorrow.

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 13:14:00

He was using a litter tray at first, but now goes outside.

Will look out for the "Wash & get off" spray. Thanks for the suggestion.

Washersaurus Wed 26-Sep-07 13:17:23

I must also add that after purchasing over 12 replacement sisal-type door mats in 5 years we threw the last one in the bin swearing not to bother replacing it again,as you NEVER get the smell out.

We now have some cheap and nasty machine washable ones that the cats don't seem to enjoy pee'ing on as much (and if they do we just sling them in the machine with some Nappy Soak)

prettybird Wed 26-Sep-07 13:21:31

I think the smell of dettol itself can casue a problem, so make sure you have washed it well.

Washersaurus Wed 26-Sep-07 13:23:34

I think Dettol is OK, it is the cleaners that contain bleach that encourage them to return to the same place as it smells like ammonia ( cat piss.. ykwim)

lou33 Wed 26-Sep-07 17:12:09

is it wrong to find this funny?

Peachy Wed 26-Sep-07 18:12:02

It's PT that's in Ireland.... doh!

the vet can give you abag of worming powder that costs very little indeed (under £2) BUT (and my sister is a vet nurse so I get this first hand LOL) SOME vets will try and flog you the expensive stuff regardless- finding a goodvet is an important starting point fee-wise. But until he ahs been wormed don't expect to make too much progress with the rest tbh, it can upset them quite a lot

Oh and if there's a chance he has not been wormed for a long time- have some considerationa s to where you put him the night after you do worm him, ours was in his pet iogloo and I've never seen anything like it in my life, hundreds of the things- yeesh!

Pinkchampagne Wed 26-Sep-07 20:14:47

Ewwww, peachy, yuk at the worms!

quigsliz Wed 26-Sep-07 22:31:55

there are pheramone sprays available from your vets which help with anxiety/new situations. has he got a retreat/covered bed where he can get away from everyone if he wants to?

Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Sep-07 08:17:31

He hides under my kitchen unit!

sallysparrow Thu 27-Sep-07 12:01:11

Lou if you like that, try this

lou33 Thu 27-Sep-07 13:46:37


Pinkchampagne Thu 27-Sep-07 15:52:03

Lol at those links!grin

Ripeberry Thu 27-Sep-07 17:10:09

Tomorrow i'm picking up a new kitten from a friend down the road. It will only be 6 weeks old as its mum has stopped feeding it and it is starting to be weaned.
I've got a 2yr old Bengal male cat and for the first few days they are going to be kept apart but only allowed to see each other and maybe have a sniff.
Just so worried about our Bengal cat beating up this little kitten as he does beat up the Mother cat when he comes accross her.
Will he recognise the kitten as hers???
Wish me luck

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