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How to test for ammonia levels in cold-water aquaria?

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OrmIrian Mon 03-Sep-07 17:41:16

We recently lost 3 fish. Thought it was due to fin rot but having tested the water it turns out it was ammonia burn due to fish sitter upending food container into the tank (as far as I can see) hmm. So.... is there any home test I can do short of spending out on a testing kit which are scarily expensive. I've spent about £20 on it recently in the way of new filters, fin rot treatment and ammonia treatment. And eventually I shall have to replace poor dead fishies when conditions are right.

Any ideas?

wannaBe Tue 04-Sep-07 15:13:13

nutrifin do an amonia test kit. you can buy the single kits for amonia only - worth asking at your local aquarium shop

OrmIrian Tue 04-Sep-07 16:20:06

thanks wannabe.

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