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softmusk Tue 14-Aug-07 20:12:51

hi need to but my cat in cattery in oct for 5/6 days how much would u look to pay for this and would u go and look round the place first

RGPargy Tue 14-Aug-07 20:13:47

not sure about cost and yes look round first. Also make sure that your cat is fully innoculated or they wont take them.

CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 20:15:37

Have you got anyone at all locally who would come and live in your house for you whilst you are away. Catteries are very expensive? Even if you paid someone to house sit it could save you £££££££££££££££'s

softmusk Tue 14-Aug-07 20:17:21

i would rather but her in cattery i dont really fancy some in my house and most of family coming on hol to

clayre Tue 14-Aug-07 20:19:02

we put our cat in the cattery for a week last year and it cost £35

NurseyJo Tue 14-Aug-07 20:20:44

Message withdrawn

CarGirl Tue 14-Aug-07 20:21:44

£6 per day sounds very cheap, I think around here it's often double!

softmusk Tue 14-Aug-07 20:22:24

that not bad i was think of about 100 pound

pointydog Tue 14-Aug-07 20:24:22

I pay £6 a night (just gone up from a fiver), that's with a heated bed. A pound less for unheated.

NurseyJo Tue 14-Aug-07 20:26:21

Message withdrawn

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